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Ichiro was given to 8 boys in America in 2016.
cutenose  5/23/2017
Ichiro was last given to 6 baby boys born in the USA (2013).
lilolaf  3/20/2017
Ichirō Fujiyama (born Takeo Masunaga) was a popular Japanese singer and composer, known for his contribution to Japanese popular music called ryūkōka by his Western classical music skills. He was born in Chūō, Tokyo, and graduated from the Tokyo Music School. Although he was regarded as a tenor singer in Japanese popular music, he was originally a classical baritone singer. He also acted in various films, and was a close friend of Minoru Matsuya (1910–1995). His workroom has been reproduced inside the "NHK museum of broadcasting" as an exhibit.
lilolaf  2/17/2017
Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese football player. He plays for Grulla Morioka.
lilolaf  2/16/2017
Ichirō Ōkouchi is a Japanese screenwriter and novelist. He is a graduate of Waseda University, School of Human Sciences. In 2006, Ōkouchi collaborated with director Gorō Taniguchi for composing the story and script of the Sunrise original production, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and its sequel Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 in 2008.
lilolaf  2/16/2017
Ichiro Yamada was the name of the main character in John Okada's No-No Boy, considered by some to be the first true Asian-American novel.
welovejamesarness  1/11/2013
Famous bearer is Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese beseball player.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2006

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