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There is Iggy Koopa from a few Super Mario Bros. games. Aside from that, this name makes me think of eggs.
lcgirl20  12/20/2007
Iggy Pop, anyone? :D (I know it's just a stage name.)
kitpearl  3/22/2008
Iggy is the name of one of the flock members in Maximum Ride.
Akito  5/25/2008
A name of one of the characters in Maximum Ride.
Likeyeahwhatev  2/1/2009
Iggy Azalea is a female rapper from Australia who is the first female artist to be signed to Clifford "T.I." Harris's recording label Grand Hustle.
Poco  9/10/2012
Iggy is the name of a character on Hey Arnold. He is most prominently featured in the episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy", where Arnold finds out that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, and later accidentally breaks his promise not to tell anyone about it.
Buneary  3/5/2016

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