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Ileana is the name of a character in the series "T*Witches."
patchworkgirl  11/15/2005
Pronounced il-ee-AU-nah. (Au is pronounced "aw")
mariej2  2/16/2006
Gorgeous name!
Ciarda  4/19/2006
My name is Ileana and I don´t like it, because it´s too unusual at least for my country! I still don´t find another person with the same name!
ile  7/19/2006
Pronounced "EE-lay-AW-naw", I think that this name is gorgeous. The Romanian operatic soprano Ileana Cotrubas bears this name.
gaelruadh19  8/2/2006
I have also seen this name spelt Ileanna.
Dani California  11/26/2006
American actress Illeana (with two "l"s) Douglas bears this name. I remember her most vividly as the kooky character in "Stir of Echoes" that hypnotizes Kevin Bacon, opening him up to all manner of extra sensory spookiness.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2006
I have a great friend named Iliana, pronounced il-ee-AU-nau as well. I think it's nice because you can picture a young girl with this name, AND a grown woman. Both times you can carry this name with pride.
chocolatebox527  7/18/2007
Ileana is pronounced "eel YAH nah" in Romanian.
Kate  12/28/2007
My friend bears this name, but it's spelled Illeana.
enchy  4/19/2009
Princess Ileana of Romania (1909-1991), daughter of Ferdinand I king of Romania.
CarolinW  4/4/2010
I have a friend who has a niece named Ileana (though I do not remember if she spelled it this way). I've never met the kid, so I have no idea what she is like, but I loved the name every since I first heard it. It's uncommon but not too out there and 100% feminine without being overly frilly. Plus I like how it's four syllables but only six letters.
While I do find the pronunciation gorgeous, I'm not so sure about the spelling. The I followed by the L could be mistaken for two I's and "I" names generally don't look so nice in certain fonts (I'm probably crazy for obsessing over something so minor). I guess you could spell it Eliana, but I would pronounce that differently.
Proctorness  8/6/2011
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is an American politician. She is a US Representative for Florida's 18th congressional district.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2012
In Greece Iliana / Ileana is the feminine name of Ilias meaning sunny.
sonia212  6/18/2014
Because Ileana is from Helen, the Romanian name day for Ileana is May 21. Saint Helena/Helen of Constantinople's feast day in the Orthodox Christian Church is May 21.
Eievie  8/31/2014

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