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Actually Ilmarinen is not a God but a very capable smith - he uses magic in his work and is a friend of Väinämöinen, the old, old "magician" and a leader of the people of Kalevala. [noted -ed]
Venla  6/1/2006
It's sort of long, but I like it. I love Finnish names.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2007
Pronounced eel-mah-REE-nen.
volucris  1/15/2008
There's no way in hell anyone would ever name their son this in Finland. This name is only associated with the character in Kalevala, and you'd have to be insane to use this pompous name on a child. I doubt it would even be legal here! Besides, this name sounds more like a surname than a first name anyway. Many, many Finnish surnames end in -nen, and many end in -inen and -rinen as well, so I really do believe it actually isn't even legal. No sane Finn would name their child a surname, or a name that sounds just like one.
slight night shiver  6/5/2008

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