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The explanation of the name Imhotep claims that Djoser's step pyramid, which was probably designed by his famous architect Imhotep, was built at Memphis. This is not true; Djoser's step pyramid is located at Saqqara!
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― Anonymous User  12/12/2006
Imhotep is the name of the traitorous head priest in the movies "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns".
LGS  2/1/2007
"Imhotep" is a name which means "He who comes in peace." He is considered by many historians as the world's first multi-genius. He was revered in the ancient world as a poet, philosopher, physician, and astronomer. But he is best remembered as the creator of the first pyramid, the step pyramid, which after 4,700 years still stands near the Nile River at a town called Saqqara.
georacine  4/17/2007
Imhotep, the same as designed the step pyramid, was an important figure in medicine. He is the earliest male physician known and was possibly the original author of the Edwin Smith papyrus, the oldest known surgical treatise on trauma. He was so revered for his medical knowledge that pilgrims came to the step pyramid for centuries after his death to be cured and he was deified ca. 525 BC (more than 2000 years after his death) as the Egyptian god of medicine.
earthnut  6/2/2016

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