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Please, if you want to name your child this, spell it with an E. If you think about it, she'll be teased and kids would say "Look, there goes Imma-ture!" Unless it's a middle name.
Tbird  6/23/2005
The suggestion of "Tbird" was good but unfortunately he/she did not say where to put the "e" as both "Emma" and "Imme" (meaning "bee") is possible. Anyway, I don't know of anybody getting called "Imma" here in Germany...
Paganqueen  10/1/2005
Oh what I meant was spell it like 'E'mma. That's all. :)
Tbird  10/6/2005
Imma is a word in Swedish, meaning mist.
AnonaBee  3/1/2006
Being of German heritage and very fond of their culture and different names, I'd have to say this is not very pretty, or just not very complete. I think Emma looks a lot prettier.
_0TophasNails_1  12/14/2008
In Spain, 'Imma' (Catalan) or 'Inma' (Spanish) is only associated with the name 'Immaculada' or 'Inmaculada' from 'Immaculada Concepció'/'Inmaculada Concepción', 'Immaculate Conception (of Mary)' in English. I think every woman named Immaculada is called Imma. So we have both Emma and Imma, being completely different names.
suseda  6/4/2009
Pronounced I-mah. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/7/2009
Not very pretty, but it's better than Irma.
-Julia-  8/31/2009
Don't children call their grandmothers Imma in one country?
Joy12  5/12/2011

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