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I think this is a wonderful name for a boy. I like the way it sounds, and I like the meaning. I'm actually surprised it's not more popular.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2005
I, too, am surprised at how unpopular the name Indigo is, though I think of it more as a girl's name. I reminds me of the deep, dark depths of the ocean and dark shadows of fish passing by. Like the color, aquamarine, it makes me think of the alienish peacefulness of the sea, though aquamarine makes me think more of tropical, light-filled waters.
Kae Kae  6/9/2005
I love this name and I want my son's name to be this when I have children one day. Also, this name was used in Hilary McKay's books 'Saffy's Angle', 'Indigo's star' and 'Permanent Rose' for the boy Indigo Casson.
Anjamon  9/1/2005
A friend of mine has a daughter called Indigo. Only about ten people in Sweden have this name. I think it's gorgeous.
Caprice  9/1/2005
The Indigo Girls are a band made up of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray. They first started performing in 1984, but it wasn't until 1989, with the release of their self-titled album, that their great songwriting and fantastic harmonies gained national attention. They have been nominated for several Grammy awards and won one for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.

Their most recognizable singles include "Closer to Fine," "Kid Fears," and "Least Complicated."
WeloveyouJesseLacey  5/25/2006
I don't like this one for a name.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
I would never name a girl Indigo, but I think it's a wonderful name for a boy. An "o" ending often designates a boys' name (such as in Indigo). I know one boy named this, and he sometimes goes by the nickname Indy.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2006
I love this name for either gender. I would really consider using it.
tigerlilly  1/26/2007
Liberty Phoenix has a son named Indigo Orion, born November 9, 1999.

Tom Bailey, and Allanah Currie, have a daugther named Indigo born in 1988.
tigerlilly  1/26/2007
A very cool name.
7up  3/2/2007
I dreamt I had a baby named Indigo Violet. Very nice name.
mum2bubba  7/21/2007
This one sounds a bit strange as a name. For a girl, it sounds masculine with the 'o' at the end, and boys might get teased over having a color name, which seems to be something more often done to girls. Of course, it could well be that the child will not even like the color.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
A lot of our associations with names come from people whom we know who have them. I have a good friend who uses the name "Indigo" instead of her actual birthname, and as a result I've always considered it a girl's name, appropriate for someone who is witty, creative and fiercely independent.
marauder34  12/30/2008
Even with the masculine sounding O at the end, I would never use this on a boy.
Alaric  4/3/2009
Interesting, but I would never name anyone this.
-Julia-  7/28/2009
I think this would be bad for a person, but I can still like it.
lucyskydiamonds  11/20/2009
I love this name for a boy. A girl with this name would be teased because of the O at the end. At least at my school she would.
italiannames  11/28/2009
I like this name. It's interesting, spunky and quite cool for both sexes, though I slightly prefer it on a girl. Despite the -o ending, I would only ever use colour names on females, sorry. Also, it sounds similar to the Welsh name Indeg, which makes Indigo seem more feminine to me. However, I think Indigo is one of those names you would have to have the right personality to pull off.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2010
I wouldn't use this on either sex. Indigo sounds weird as a name, since it's just a color. It also sounds like a hippie name.
bananarama  4/17/2010
Lovely name. I would never ever name a boy this, though, that may be partly influenced by the fact that I knew a nice girl named Indigo.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2010
Maite Petersen and Carl Della Badia have a son Indigo August, born in August 2009.
MaggieSimpson  7/18/2010
This really isn't a bad name in itself, but it is so strongly associated with the New Age movement and the bogus concept of "Indigo children" (a trendy way of ensuring your kids grow up to be utter brats with the most ridiculous sense of entitlement ever concocted) that it has too much of an ideological stamp on it.

Maybe in 20 or 30 years it will be okay to use again.
keepitreal  1/24/2011
For some reason, and I will never know why, I like this name a lot. I'd never actually use it on a child, but I would use it on a pet or character. I prefer this on males.
Black_X  8/22/2011
It's almost as bad as naming your daughter India. It's not the worst name ever, but it's bad enough.
GibsonGirl  11/5/2011
My friend has a younger sister named Indigo, and I think it's a perfectly good name. I especially like it on her because she has fiery red hair and I think the name is a nice contrast. :) However I think this would be a good name for any girl regardless of their physical appearance.
thehan  11/25/2011
We named our first born son Indigo. Occasionally we call him Indi for short. It suits him very well and our family and friends are very fond of him. We like to think he'll have less difficulties in the future finding things like usernames and such, which will certainly become a part of life even more so than it is now.

I also contacted the national statistics in the UK regarding the popularity of the name. In 2010, 3 boys were named Indigo. In 2011, there were 8.
SammyC  10/1/2012
Indigo is one of the color kids in the Rainbow Brite franchise from The Eighties.
watermia  2/22/2013
Since it ends in O, I can't really see it as a girl's name. Also, I've heard too many stories with boys named Indigo. Great name, but for a boy.
Eievie  1/8/2014
I can imagine a tender girl bearing this name. It's not like "the best of" in my opinion, but it's a really refreshing, cute name with some poetry included. I think it also fits a mature woman's image, but I can't imagine it on an elder lady. So overall, I like it, but I wouldn't use it.
Christine1999  3/21/2014
I've changed my name to Indigo due to comfort reasons in being bigender. Indigo is a very gender neutral name so people saying it isn't a boy's/girl's name are incorrect. To me this name gives a caring yet laid back feel for the person before someone who hasn't greeted them yet.
Also stop gender categorizing names, lol. It's inconsiderate for the people who like that name of the opposite gender. Although people are entitled to their own opinions, it doesn't always count for an uneducated one.
indigoberry  3/10/2015
I have always thought of the name as a girl's name because one of the characters of "Rainbow Brite" was a girl named Indigo. I also think of the "Indigo Girls". I haven't heard of it as a boy's name until I came to this forum. I don't think it is that bad for a boy, but I still see it as slightly more feminine than masculine.
butterflyy  4/1/2015
"Hello, my name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
― Anonymous User  7/7/2015
I LOVE the name Indigo! It's such a cool colour name! It works well on both genders! :D.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2015
My name is INDIGO but, its spelled ENDIEGO and I am a girl! I love my name but, I do not see it as a boys name.
endiegoj  9/13/2015
My grandaughter is called Indigo Rose. I love it, we call her inni and indii.
angelaastick  9/20/2015
I love this name for both boys and girls, especially girls. It would be the name of a spunky girl with dark hair :). I also love the colour.
sasha_13  9/22/2015
I think of cold weather or harsh climates where dark blue stands out in Alaska. Indigo as a color is pretty. It would make a great name and middle name, but I would prefer Iguana for a female. It seems warm and bright, like a green hot summer.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2015
The earliest use of Indigo as a name was in England in 1598, on a boy.
earthnut  6/7/2016
The name Indigo was given to 119 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
The actor Lou Diamond Phillips has a daughter named Indigo.
Crimson Firelily  7/14/2016
This is a nice name for both genders and to the people that said only guy names end in o there are lots of nice girl names that end in o- Calypso, Flo, Cleo etc. A nickname for the boys could be Diego maybe and for the girls it could be Indi, one of my friends name is Indi and she's a girl which is why I think the nickname Indi is for girls.
Sania01  7/23/2016
I suggested Inigo to my daughter (as in the 18c British architect Inigo Jones).. but she preferred the similar sounding Indigo., and used it when she gave birth to my granddaughter last month... I see from above that someone else has opted for a middle name Rose... snap.. perhaps there are two Indigo Roses now, unless me and the other grandparent are talking about the same child.
GeorgeHudson  8/31/2016
This is an incredible coincidence but another person mentioned the architect Inigo Jones and I can't help but comment! My name is Indigo, but my mum was going to name me Inigo (after the architect) until she found out I would be a girl and decided that Inigo would probably get me teased at school when I grew up, so she settled on Indigo.
I've had many people say "What a beautiful name!" and I have never met anyone with the same name. I personally cannot imagine a boy named Indigo, but I suppose that is because I'm a girl and have always considered my name to be feminine until I came here.
indipindy16  7/2/2017
My name is Indigo and my middle name is Rose (that's my grandma's first name) I identify as female and most of your comments are interesting. This is kind of weird to see everyone commenting such different thoughts. By the way, my nicknames are Indi which is often and Inky which is quite rare, but my best friend calls me Inky.
IndigoRose  9/14/2016
My name is also Indigo Rose. It's strange to see so many comments about people with my same name when I've never met anyone else named Indigo, even though I've always wanted to. In my experience, people mention how beautiful or uncommon of a name it is. I've never really thought of it as a boy's name, probably because I'm a girl and I think it would be weird for a boy to have my name. My mom named me Indigo after the color, not the architect and Rose was my great-grandmother's name. I've never really had any nicknames that stick, my mom calls me Indigirl sometimes and one of my friends calls me Indy, but that's it.
When I was little my dad always played "Closer to Fine" because it's by the Indigo Girls.
irwenger0714  3/13/2018
I think Indigo sounds a lot more feminine, but I don't really like it that much. It is just not appealing.
XironDarkstar  3/1/2018

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