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Pronounced ING-ehr in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  10/2/2011
I feel quite sorry for the above person who's impression of this name is changed forever due to one bearer they didn't care for. Though, I do understand why that's so. I personally think Inger is delightful. Uncommon in the U.S. At least, I think it would be very original (and a gentle nod to my Scandinavian culture) if I were to name a daughter this. It would make a pretty middle name as well.
Hannah_E  5/14/2010
Also very common in Norway, not just in Sweden. It was on the top 10 list of most popular names for girls in Norway from 1920 to 1964. [noted -ed]
Silje  10/26/2009
Inger Stevens was a Scandinavian movie starlet in the late sixties and seventies, perhaps best remembered for wearing a scandalously short white minidress to the Academy Awards in 1968.
elizabeth hamlet  5/25/2006
I hate this name. I know hate is a really strong word, but it has been destroyed for me after meeting an Inger who was - seriously, I'm not kidding you - a psychopath.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Inger Nilsson (b. 1959) was Pippi Longstocking in the famous TV series.
alberto  12/4/2004

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