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A famous bearer of this name would be a little girl named Inna in the Elsie Dinsmore books. She is really a spoiled brat.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2006
Martyr Inna, Disciples of the Apostle Andrew, in Scythia
Commemorated on January 20

The Holy Martyrs Inna, Pinna and Rimma were Slavs from northern Scythia (modern Bulgaria), and they were disciples of the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called. They preached the Gospel of Christ and they baptized many barbarians who converted to the true Faith. They were seized by the local chieftain, but they would not deny Christ, nor would they offer sacrifice to idols.

It was wintertime, and the rivers were so frozen that not only people, but also horses with carts could travel on the ice. The chieftain had the saints tied to logs on the ice, and gradually lowered them into the freezing water. When the ice reached their necks, they surrendered their blessed souls to the Lord.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2008
A famous bearer of this name is Ukrainian actress Inna Belokon (or, Inna Eremenko, as she was known before her marriage).
Viktoriya  6/16/2008
A famous bearer is gorgeous Russian model Inna Pilipenko.
Psycho_Princess  10/7/2008

1) Inna Churikova, a famous Russian actress - source

2) Inna Zhelannaya, a well-known Russian folk rock and world music performer, "Farlanders" - source,Желанная;, _Инна

3) Inna Lisnyanskaya, a notable Russian poetess

4) Inna Gomes, a well-known Russian model and actress -source
nightwings  5/22/2010
Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is a Romanian singer.
rachypiesheepbaa  11/1/2010
Inna Zhokova is a Belarusian rhythmic gymnast. During the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, she came in 2nd place in the all-around.
Tiger Lilly  6/17/2013
Another famous bearer of the name is the Ukrainian FEMEN activist and fighter for free speech Inna Shevchenko.
elbowin  2/15/2015

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