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Ynys is the Welsh spelling.
leananshae  11/25/2007
Ynys isn't the Welsh spelling of Innes, it's the Welsh word for island and is pronounced UN-is.
It has been very occasionally used as a name, though.
Pie  12/22/2010
Some websites suggest this name also means island in the river, which seems related to the idea of strength in oneness.
magee  7/1/2008
Innes is an incredibly noble, classic sounding (and looking) name to me. I'm having a hard time thinking of middle names that would flow well with it though.
failinglight  4/4/2011
I like it as a boy name but not on a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2011
Incidentally, this name tends to be pronounced 'INN-uss' by Scots speakers, rather than 'INN-ezz' or suchlike.
James18  2/25/2016

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