Namesakes for Innocentius

Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 13 popes, 1 antipope
      Innocent I (a.k.a. Innocentius)   401-417  
      Innocent II (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1130-1143  
      Innocent (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1179-1180  
      Innocent III (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1198-1216  
      Innocent IV (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1243-1254  
      Innocent V (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1276  
      Innocent VI (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1352-1362  
      Innocent VII (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1404-1406  
      Innocent VIII (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1484-1492  
      Innocent IX (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1591  
      Innocent X (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1644-1655  
      Innocent XI (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1676-1689  
      Innocent XII (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1691-1700  
      Innocent XIII (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1721-1724  
Saints: 2 blessed, 1 saint
      Saint Innocent I (a.k.a. Innocentius)   ?-417  
      Blessed Innocent V (a.k.a. Innocentius)   c. 1225-1276  
      Blessed Innocent XI (a.k.a. Innocentius)   1611-1689