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It was the name of Robin William's character on Mrs. Doubtfire.
biflucky  9/24/2005
In some stories of the myth, she was sacrificed, not saved. This led Clytemnestra to seek revenge and kill Agamemnon when he returned home.
jc  7/24/2006
Pronounced if-ah-jah-NIE-ah.
Aqua  11/21/2006
It's admittedly quite an interesting name, and it doesn't sound far too pompous, megalomaniacal, or foreign, but it might lead to bad nicknames like Iffy and Genie. It also sounds a bit elitist, but I suppose some might say the same about the gorgeous Phaedra, even though it's much simpler. I wouldn't talk you out of it.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
This is such a gorgeous name - for a fictional person, anyway. I really can't see an Iphigenia walking around without a good, solid nickname - maybe call her by her middle name, since nicknaming options are scarce here.
padfoot443  7/12/2008
I more prefer Iphigeneia. Pronounced by "ee-fi-geh-neh-ya".
Emilie007  8/28/2008
It isn’t pronounced like another user said it: i-fi-GE-ni-a.
E.K.  9/23/2008
Another variant is Iphigeneia, pronounced i-fi-gen-AY-uh.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2009
Iphigenia can be pronounced two ways: if-i-JEEN-ee-uh (or if-i-JEEN-yuh), or if-i-jen-IE-uh
Iphigeneia is pronounced if-i-jen-IE-uh only.
erb816  9/6/2010
The Portuguese version of this name is Efigénia (pronounced "effy-zhen-yuh"), which is often found in older generations.
SugarPlumFairy  5/18/2011
The Greek pronunciation is if-ih-JEN-ya with a soft g sound in the stressed syllable.
carabookworm  8/20/2016

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