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Irena Sendleorwa was a Polish heroine who smuggled 2500 Jewish children to safety during WWII. She was arrested and tortured, but only gave false information she had come up with beforehand with her collaborators.
Dray  3/27/2015
Irena was the name of the cat woman in the 1942 film Cat People, played by Simone Simon. She reappears in the sequel, the misleadingly titled Curse of the Cat People, as a benevolent ghost who helps a child, the daughter of her husband by another woman.
Kosta  10/2/2009
Famous bearers:
Indian singer Irena Horváthová
Czech writer Irena Fuchsová
Czech writer Irena Charvátová
Macedonian painter Irena Cakirpaloglu
Czech writer/director Irena Pavlásková
Czech singer Irena Budweiser
Maggie_Simpson  3/19/2008
Irena Sendler - Polish head of Zegota children's department in the 1940s: saved 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis.
ElizainEngland  12/25/2007
Irena Adler is the chief antagonist in the Sherlock Holmes story "Scandal in Bohemia".
Smog  3/16/2006

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