Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers: 2 prime ministers
(prime minister) Ismail Qemali   1912-1914  
(prime minister) Mehmet Shehu (a.k.a. Ismail)   1954-1981  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
İsmail Hacıoğlu   1985-  
Notable Athletes: 2 soccer, 1 boxing
(boxing) Ismail Sillakh   1985-  
(soccer) İsmail Köybaşı   1989-  
(soccer) Naser Aliji (a.k.a. Ismail)   1993-  
Olympic Medalists: 1 silver
(silver) Ismail Ahmed Ismail   2008   800 m  
Turkish Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
(prime minister) Nihat Erim (a.k.a. Ismail)   1971-1972