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I can't say I like this spelling. It looks like it should be said "Izzzak". I would stick to the old Isaac.
-- scarletquillraven  3/23/2007
Ew. Sounds like ih-SSak! Reminds of a sac. I like the other spelling better.
-- dreamgirl54  11/18/2007
I actually like this better than Isaac. The double "a" seems a little bizzare to me. I'm usually not one for modern names, but if anything, this looks more like it would be the "correct" version. But that's just my opinion.
-- Lady Seashell  4/1/2008
With this spelling, the name should be pronounced ''I-sak'', not ''IE-zak''. If you really want to use this rather ugly name on your son, spell it the logical way.
-- slight night shiver  6/6/2008

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