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To be honest, my mom was going to name me Tatiana, but then she decided to name me Ytalia instead of Italia. I really do hope I can visit Italy one day. Many people tell me that my name is unique and beautiful because it is rare. I have in fact have had some teasing though, but I mean, who doesn't like pizza?
― Anonymous User  6/24/2017
Actress Francia Raisa has a sister named Italia (also another sister called Irlanda).
mart1n  10/2/2016
I personally love the name! It's beautifully exotic and unique without, in my opinion, crossing the line into weird. And it has positive connotations for me because of the actress Italia Ricci. Italia is actually her middle name, but as far as I can tell, her close family are basically the only ones who call her by her given first name (Stephanie) anymore. But, on top of being an amazing actress, she seems to be a total sweetheart and overall great human being, too. I absolutely wouldn't mind having a daughter bear her name one day. But, as has been mentioned, I feel like it might be somewhat strange for me to use it since I don't have any Italian ancestry at all.
LilBit0318  9/5/2016
The name Italia was given to 106 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I think this name sounds pretty, but it just makes me think of the anime Hetalia!
― Anonymous User  2/22/2016
My name is Italia Alexandria Bella Victoria (I'm not saying my last name) and I have only ever gotten compliments on my name. You will not get made fun of because of your name unless you let people, it's outrageous that people think the name of your kid will affect their life, but it's who that person is that makes the difference. Italia means Italy, Alexandria means defender (after a princess) Bella means Beautiful and Victoria means Victory. I also go by the following nick names: Tal, Tali, Talia, etc.
Italiaisagreatname  6/23/2015
Please do not name your child this! My name is Italia, and it has caused tons of bullying throughout my life. Unless you are from Italy I do not recommend naming your child this. Especially if you aren't Italian. You are setting her up to be bullied. Kids are very mean now and it will hurt them more than you know! Don't do it!
― Anonymous User  1/27/2015
My name is also Italia. My friend Jesse and I thought there was no other girl/woman named Italia, but after I read these comments I guess there are more Italia's in the world, and nice to meet all the Italia's. My nickname from my family is Thalia.
italia_Jareida.Nava  11/25/2014
Yes I know what you are all thinking, and yes my real name is Italia, and the truth is it's a very pretty name and I was never bullied or made fun of. But there are more nicknames than just Talia (which I really don't like). I am usually called Talli.
YesmynameisItalia  9/26/2014
I don't like this name. It feels so strange to me to name a kid after a country; even if it does sound nice. It'll definitely get the bearer a lot of attention, and some people are into that for their kids' names. I'm not, and I wouldn't even use this name on a book character.
kvpp88  6/9/2014
I watch an anime called Hetalia. The show is about personified countries really. Since my favorite character in the show is the girl version of personified Italy my mom thought it would be SO FUNNY to call me : Hetalia, Italia, or Talia. Although Italia has a nice sound to it in my opinion so does Talia, so I don't mind. ; )
LaraElkady  2/23/2013
I like Italia. I'm surprised that people are suggesting Talia as a nickname or expressing their like for it. Talia, to me in Australia, is a very trashy name, equivalent to maybe Madyson or Destiny in the U.S.
vomiting  11/15/2010
I didn't think this was a real Italian name until I heard it on Francis Ford Coppola's late mother. It's a pretty name, but it does sound a little silly outside of Italy. It might lead to teasing, especially in America. Talia, which I prefer, might be a safer choice in English.
bananarama  10/2/2009
I named my daughter Itali. I did so because I love what Itali is. It is love, music, harmony, food, music, cooking, dancing, loud, artful, surrounded by water, and shaped like a boot, I love boots. If I can instill any of these attributes, if not all, I would be one fulfilled lady.
andi-k  11/12/2008
This was the name of Italia Pennino Coppola (1912-2004), mother of film director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire.
Nanaea  10/12/2008
If you're going to name your daughter this, just do her a favor and keep her out of Europe. You'd better not have to move to Europe, and especially to Italy, of course, as this name sounds absolutely ludicrous in Europe. It means 'Italy' in numerous languages here, of course, but even if it didn't, well, it's the name of the country in Italy itself, and everyone knows that. If you like this name so much, name her Talia.
slight night shiver  6/6/2008
How could this name not be acceptable in Italy if the usage is stated as "Italian"? Read the description before commenting! And to say this name couldn't be used anywhere else in Europe is ridiculous. I live in Europe (Ireland, actually), and I think Italia is an awesome, beautiful name. It's perfectly acceptable, though I think it should only be used for Italian girls. Naming a child after a country you have never been to or have no connections to is silly.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2009
It's also the Spanish form of Italy.
michi_vane  1/27/2007
First of all, it's also the ITALIAN form of Italy, more importantly.

Second, I think that this is a very pretty name. Talia is a nice nickname, but this name doesn't need a nickname. It's so pretty.
Brianna Angela  7/29/2007
This is a lovely name!
Taydbug112  12/18/2006
Ok, so I love names of countries for girls, they are so beautiful. India, Ireland, and Italia are my favourites (I is a nice letter). This is a lovely name.
beautyofwords9  3/3/2006

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