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I think it sounds cute and fun.
elysa  3/14/2007
The white keys of a piano are made from Ivory.
rory  6/7/2007
Ivory can also be used as a male name. It was used most often for males in the early twentieth century.
Nicola17  8/16/2007
There's a song called Ebony and Ivory.
Renthead13  11/15/2007
Okay, this is a bit weird as a name, but it is very pretty. Just don't even think of adopting a white girl and a black girl and naming the girls Ebony and Ivory. That would be very tacky indeed. This is a pretty nice name for very pale girls, but it calls a bit too much attention to their looks, don't you think? Well, it's still pretty.
slight night shiver  6/6/2008
I really like this name; it's cute but not obnoxiously girly and frilly like some names. However, I do believe that the usage of the name must be corrected. While it appears to used by African Americans now, it wasn't always. I was tracing my family tree and several generations back I found a woman named Ivory Kathryn and she wasn't African American.
magicalhannah7  6/5/2009
The connection to hunters makes me very uncomfortable, so I can't get past that. As said above, it does bring attention to the girl's looks. Though it sounds pretty, I have a low opinion of it. Go with Ivy.
Kerules  7/13/2009
Ivory sounds a little silly as a name, and I can't picture this name on a black girl. It sounds more like the name of a girl with ghostly white skin and dark hair. For some reason, it also makes me think of soap.
bananarama  1/31/2010
If you're planning the possible family of Captain Planet-themed villains, you're better off going with Bushmeat or Deforestation.
Remember, kids. It's all fun and games until someone's teeth end up as a piano.
Wilted  6/28/2010
It is a really pretty name, a lot better than the similar-sounding Avery for girls. Personally I think it works a bit better on a pale-colored animal, but that's just me.
Black_X  7/17/2011
I think IVORY is a good pretty name, because it is also my name.. and for 25 years bearing this name I always smile because they really like my name. I just have a fair skin, not too much white. But my mom said they got it from the name of soap.
dheitie_ivory  7/26/2011
I adore this name because this is my name as well. I always wonder how my mother came up with this name. I am proud of having the name Ivory, and others with this name should be too.
EeveeFan  7/22/2012
This is a pretty name. Ivy would make a cute nickname as well. But I just can't help but think of tacky kre8yve parents who have twin girls and name them Ebony and Ivory because it's just so YOONEEK.
mrose19  2/13/2013
Cute, unique, and so much better than the ever popular Avery.
lilpimpteller  5/23/2015
My grandfather, Clifton Ivory, my dad Ivory shelton, and myself, Ivory Shelton Jr. I love my name because I know very few with it. The one and only thing that I do not like are the mispronounced attempts and the confusion between other derivatives of my name. But all in all, it's the name I was given.
Ivory chatman  12/27/2015
A tacky name, and it's really weird that 99% of people with this name are black...
― Anonymous User  3/9/2016
Most of these comments are focused on race or appearance and that's not right. Ivory means white which is a symbol of purity. Not only white people can use the name. Ivory is a beautiful name. There's nothing wrong if an African American mother wants to name her child that. It is not tacky or bad if someone wants to name their children Ivory and Ebony. Ebony does not only just mean black. It means strength, and Ebony is also a beautiful name.
Arayfield  7/4/2016
My name is Ivory, and yes I'm a Caucasian female with black hair. Honestly it doesn't matter, I personally think it could suit anyone male and female of any race. Growing up I have only received compliments, and I'm very proud of my name. Ironically my last name is also White, my mother did not intend this. Having this name, people assume that you haven't already heard the song Ebony and Ivory; or that your name reminds people of soap. I have heard it all, sometimes it becomes a little drab, but that's really my only complaint. In conclusion, the name Ivory is very rare, and I have never met anyone with the same name in person. I hope this gives you a better insight. :)
IvoryCWhite  2/22/2017
This may be a pretty-sounding name, but I have strong negative feelings toward it, as I think many (probably most) people do nowadays since the Ivory trade has gotten so much bad press. For me, this name immediately conjures up images of dead elephants with sawed-off tusks. If you look up the word "Ivory," the first definition that comes up is "a hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal." The second definition is "a creamy white color." If you like the way this name sounds, Ivy and Avery are nice alternatives.
Evelyn K  10/17/2017
Makes me think of elephant poaching :-(. And soap. Not to mention that it has a faint whiff of white supremacy attached to it (the name Ebony is tied to black pride, and ebony and ivory are often associated in people's minds). But the dead elephants thing is the real killer. No thank you.
JessamineB  10/17/2017
I don't like the way it sounds and I think the meaning is not so special. Not a pretty name at all, I think it's annoying.
SilverSatan  2/2/2018
I hate it because of how sad the Ivory trade is. That's cruel and causing elephants to almost be extinct. It's like naming your child fur or something.
XironDarkstar  2/3/2018

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