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This name is used in the anime/manga FullMetal Alchemist as Ed and Al's alchemy teacher.
-- swordsmanoffire  12/14/2005
Izumi is also the name of the female Chosen Child in Digimon Frontier.
-- Anonymous User  2/22/2007
Izumi is one of the names of the schoolgirls in Ju-on.
-- Dianaisme12  8/30/2009
Please DON'T give this name to your daughter. It looks ugly, and it means "inventions" in Croatian/ Serbian/ Bosnian!
-- enchy  9/17/2009
To the person who said this name is ugly and means "inventions" in Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian: I personally don't think this name is ugly—I actually think it's quite beautiful—but I will respect your opinion anyway. Even if it does mean "inventions" in those Slavic languages, what do they have to do with this Japanese name? Most people probably don't even know what it means in Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2016
This is the last name of Konata on Lucky Star.
-- Dianaisme12  12/13/2009
In the manga Hana-Kimi, Izumi Sano is the (male!) high jump star that Mizuki moves to Japan to meet.
-- meganmichele  6/14/2010
Izumi is the oldest daughter of the Nase family in Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary).
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2014
Izumi Sena is the protagonist of the Love Stage anime/manga!
-- lakin5  7/19/2014
Izumi Orimoto (織本 泉) is a main character in 'Digimon Frontier'.
-- Anonymous User  9/5/2015
Izumi Akazawa is a character in the anime Another.
-- OceanSoul  11/29/2015
Izumi is the daughter of Fire Lord Zuko in the show "The Legend of Korra".
-- highexpectasians  12/16/2015
Izumi is mostly feminine, but there are males named this as well, one of them being Democratic Party of Japan politician and member of the House of Representatives in the Diet, Izumi Yoshida (1949-).
-- m4yb3_daijirou  2/20/2016
In the USA (2014) 11 baby girls were given Izumi.
-- lilolaf  3/13/2016

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