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I think Izzy is a great name!
ilo  3/26/2018
The double Z annoys me. Then again, Issy looks like Iss-EE and Isie looks like it would be pronounced Isie. Maybe Izie? I would spell it only Izie and short for Isabelle.
XironDarkstar  12/21/2017
I don't think this counts as a famous bearer, but I'm still putting it on anyway. Izzy from Total Drama is a famous bearer.
PickleJuice  10/26/2017
It's a very nice nickname. I like it! Especially used for the name Israel.
Jake Fax  6/26/2016
The name Izzy was given to 54 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/17/2016
I use Izzi as a shortened version of Isabella, which I hate. I much prefer for people to call me Izbiz or Izzi. There are many different spellings, but this is the one that my parents chose, as it is unusual.
izigibson43  10/19/2015
I've been trying to stop people from calling me this for years.
It's one of those inescapable nicknames, and it's awfully contagious. One person starts calling an Isabel/Isabelle/Isobel etc. Izzy and everyone else joins in.
nectarwoods  12/4/2013
Before you settle on a nickname, consider teasing scenarios. Izzy is cute, but tack a "J-" on the front and you have a pretty vulgar rhyming taunt that middle schoolers will discover.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2012
My wife and I just named our 3 day old son Izzy. Not a nickname, just Izzy. I've wanted a son for years and years so I could name him this. Funny thing is, after not being able to settle on what we'd name our baby if she came out a girl, we realized, hey, we like Izzy so much, we'll use it for either a son or daughter. But we're happy he came out a boy.
GettinBusy  1/9/2012
I just simply don't understand the gumption with which some people seem to not like this name! My own SIL has told me she doesn't like it. But nevertheless we are very soon going to be welcoming a little Isabelle into the world. We plan to call her Izzy for her nickname! For as much as some don't like it, I DO! It's sweet and spunky. I like that the impression is open-ended. You really would have to get to know an Izzy, assumptions and stereotypes just wouldn't do. I never considered it being a male name too but certainly I can see that! I just love Izzy!
― Anonymous User  11/28/2011
It's think it's a very cute nickname for a boy or a girl.
Black_X  8/19/2011
This is my nickname, and I think it's morphed into being my unofficial name, even on the roll they go "Izzy", not "Isabel". XD
Anyway, the only thing I have a bit iffy with this nickname is that some people write it as "Issy". I cringe every time.
yzzi94  7/22/2011
My friend's name is Isobel, and we always call her Izzy. I think it suits her - she's quite unconventional and wears punky clothes. Though my favourite nickname for Isabel or Isobel is the Spanish Chabela, I think Izzy is really adorable. Though I usually like opt for "traditional" spellings, I prefer this Izzy spelling to Issy - it looks spunkier and more modern.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2010
On the television schow "Scrubs", Izzy/Izzie is the nickname for the child of Chris and Carla Espinosa Turk, Isabella.
scholasticastewart  8/31/2009
This is my sisters name (although she spells it Izzi) and I love it! It's short for Elizabeth though, and she gets really annoyed when people call her Isabel/Isabella (which a lot of people do!). Definitely one of my favourite names ever!
― Anonymous User  7/26/2009
My friend calls herself "Iz", short for "Elizabeth" and we sometimes call her "Izzy". On the wrong person it might sound bad, but it really suits her.
GreekMythology  8/18/2008
This nickname makes me oddly uncomfortable, but I don't think I can quite place the reason why. It sounds scratchy and lazy to my ears. I do love the Izzy of Amy Goldman Koss's "Side Effects", though.
EmilyOlive  7/18/2008
I absolutely hate this nickname. Come to think of it, I dislike all nicknames of Isabel(le) and Isabella. This one's the worst, hands down. I hope no one has actually given this infantile name as an official name to their daughter.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
I like this name. It's cute and girly. When an Izzie grows up, though, she should be called by her full name. I prefer Isobel/Isabel.
DeniseClaire  11/16/2007
Izzy Stradlin is an American musician, best known as the lead songwriter and rhythm guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses from 1985 to 1991.
999666  11/11/2007
Not sure if this even counts, but the Guitar Hero character Izzy Sparks is a relatively well-known "famous" bearer of the name. Also, Izzy Maxwell who works on sound engineering for the Guitar Hero Games (also the bassist of band Count Zero) is a well-known bearer.
The Lilac Pilgrim  9/14/2007
Personally, I like this name. It's very much a rock star name, and I think it just works well with males. For some reason though I really can't stand girls who are called Izzy. Probably because it's a rather common girls' name, so especially on television you're hearing "Izzy did this" and for a different show "Izzie did something awful". Anyway. Hope that was useful in some shape or form.
The Lilac Pilgrim  9/14/2007
Izzy was the name of Rachel Wiez's character in "The Fountain".
So Be It  7/18/2007
Grey's Anatomy character Izzie Stevens is a famous bearer.
Katya_4_Ever  4/23/2007
Izzy Pettibone was a character on the show "Road to Avonlea".
DearPrudence  2/18/2007
A famous bearer is Koushirou "Izzy" Izumi from Digimon Adventure and Zero Two.
blackthorn93  2/13/2007
I adore this as a nickname for Isabella. It's cute, yet can be girly and/or tom-boy.
Pheadirean  5/21/2006
Izzy is short for Israel.

Famous namesake - Izzy Asper - love him or hate him he was quite the character. Proof:
― Anonymous User  5/15/2006
I think this is a cute nickname, it reminds me of the name Lizzy being short for Elizabeth.
izzie4  3/3/2006
I personally love the name and my husband and I have chosen it as our next baby's name regardless of gender.
mummee1973  1/9/2006
My friend Isabel's nickname is Izzy, and I hate it! I just call her Isabel, it is much prettier.
Riley115  12/29/2005
I'm sorry, but I can't call a person Izzy, but it is pretty cute for a character. :)
Tbird  9/14/2005

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