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Well, I just find it annoying that no one can spell properly! You see, this is my best friend's name, except she spells it Jackilyn. I note that that particular spelling is not listed, so I thought I'd point it out on the closest alternative.
krioni  9/24/2005
What a terrible thing to do to the beautiful, dignified, elegant Jacqueline! Something tells me that whomever chose this name did not even pass spelling in school.
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
Jacklyn is my name and it has served me well. I was named after my father, Jack and my mom's brother, Lyn. So you see, there can be more than just not knowing how to spell in chosing a various spelling for a name.
JacklynDawn  3/25/2007
This spelling really ruins the elegant and sophisticated air that the almost stuck up-sounding Jacqueline has, but an elitist name is always better than a trashy name. To be fair, this name will not be pronounced wrong, and the ''Jacque'' in Jacqueline is also a masculine part, like Jack is in Jacklyn, but well, the original name is French anyway, so there's a difference of some kind, right?
slight night shiver  6/6/2008

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