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The act of holding a heel is a Hebrew symobl for deception. Thus, the word Jacob has also been associated with deception.
joluha  10/11/2005
The true meaning of Jacob is deceiver and God changed his name to Israel which means Prince of God.
Miss Es  11/21/2005
There are now many Biblical scholars who don't accept the derivation of Jacob from "heel" or "supplanter" but believe that is a folk etymology created for the Biblical story, with the real original meaning of Jacob going back to Semitic roots meaning "may God protect." [noted -ed]

For some references to the above interpretation see:
clevelandkentevans  3/19/2006
The name Jacob comes directly from the Hebrew "ya'akov" - יעקוב - which literally means "he (or it) will follow", i.e. the 3rd person masculine singular future tense of the verb לעקוב ("la'akov") - 'to follow'. This verb exists in both biblical and modern Hebrew.
JonR  2/25/2016
Just as Iago is the Welsh form, so is Jago the Cornish form - and rather cool in my opinion!
Just Jonquil  5/7/2016

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