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The act of holding a heel is a Hebrew symobl for deception. Thus, the word Jacob has also been associated with deception.
joluha  10/11/2005
The true meaning of Jacob is deceiver and God changed his name to Israel which means Prince of God.
Miss Es  11/21/2005
There are now many Biblical scholars who don't accept the derivation of Jacob from "heel" or "supplanter" but believe that is a folk etymology created for the Biblical story, with the real original meaning of Jacob going back to Semitic roots meaning "may God protect." [noted -ed]

For some references to the above interpretation see:
clevelandkentevans  3/19/2006
The name Jacob comes directly from the Hebrew "ya'akov" - יעקוב - which literally means "he (or it) will follow", i.e. the 3rd person masculine singular future tense of the verb לעקוב ("la'akov") - 'to follow'. This verb exists in both biblical and modern Hebrew.
JonR  2/25/2016
Just as Iago is the Welsh form, so is Jago the Cornish form - and rather cool in my opinion!
Just Jonquil  5/7/2016
While the name Jacob and variants do indeed mean, as already mentioned, "Supplanter" or not mentioned "Usurper", there is more to it than that, and no, not everything in the world is online. Considering the name has been in my family for generations, I felt prompted to share and enlighten the world as well as was aghast that despite this website being the finest website I could find regarding the etymology of names, not only this website but none of them online state the correct meaning of the name, Jacob. The page states that Jacob 'stole' or "deprived" Esau/Esov of his 'rights' as first born, while similar sites state that Jacob 'tricked' Esau out of his inheritance... that is not correct. Let the reader be reminded that as a nihil obstat it was God who changed Jacob's last name to Israel, ipso facto, because he was found worthy whereas Esau was disobedient and was thus not merely replaced but more to the point, disqualified, despite being not only older but also in every way the better man, better hunter, better fighter, except, in purity and obedience, which were and are, decisive. The name Jacob and variants specifically refers to how Jacob got the birthright of inheritance from Esau by offering Esau a bowl of red lentil soup, to which the famished Esau replied "If I perish for famine, what use is the birthright to me?" and agreed. Christendom has ever remained an oral and living tradition, in spite of and notwithstanding, the redacting of the Bible from 144 to its present 66 books including the 2 false ones, and of course its 'translations' and should any pundit wish to challenge that, let it be pointed out that Christ himself never wrote a book, but was the Living Word. In full command of the English language, I repeat, Christianity, is an oral and living tradition. You say I am repeating something I've said before? I shall say it again: "Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.". As told to me by an English knight whose family surname is Knight and the name James or Jacob has remained in the family since time immemorial, the name Jacob means "He who replaces/overcomes/overmasters/defeats/bests/conquers/trounces another by superior strength, wit, or guile", emphasis on wit and guile for Jacob's being masterful. It is a name that is not only synonymous with "winner", as brag comes from Bragi/Baldur, a reminder of Jacob's high intelligence and skill, but more importantly testament to Jacob's being pure, obedient and semper fidelis, always faithful. Again this skillful and cunning bargain received the sanctifying imprimatur of God and is thus verified by God who then changed Jacob's last name to Israel, Jacob, not Esau. Today generally those who cry foul and speak ill of Jacob and in defense of Esau, the sore losers, are the living descendants of Esau/Edom meaning "red" which tells everything to anyone who knows who's who and historicity, aware of the 500 million dead plus in the past 300 years to the Red Terror as well as why the word "loxism" cannot be found in any of the online dictionaries, incontrovertible evidence that they are owned by, said descendants. The 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41 is explicitly, emphatically, with a resounding ring of finality, clear, on who Esau-Edom today is.

Not everything is online, which would be an erroneous, a foolish assumption and jejune to presume that, because something is not found online, it therefore surely cannot exist; for instance, photographs of the reader's genitalia cannot be found online, yet that does not mean that the reader has no said parts. The Internet is not yet very old, certainly not compared to any respected names, and so far the Internet is not necessarily being regularly 'upgraded' which is to say improved, but rather the Internet of things seems to be more of a case of who has the loudest bullhorn, the digital "knights of the goose quill". Yet the truth, the light, though it be the bright and solitary star to every wandering bark, shines still. Indeed, ignorance, strictly speaking, is not to be unaware of, but rather to be fully cognizant of yet willingly to remain, in a state of ignoring.

My noblesse oblige, charity of honour that never faileth, good deed for the day, now witnessed by God, is done.
I wash my hands.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2018

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