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Jae Lee is a comic book artist who works for Marvel Comics, best known for his moody & dark artwork--I personally love this name, for boys and girls, it's great. :D Works out either way!
FyreHydenGirth  1/27/2007
Too minimalist and youthful, and rather tacky and trashy as well. I say, come up with a longer name that actually sounds okay on adults and call the kid Jae.
slight night shiver  6/6/2008
Ok, slight night shiver, thanks for the abuse on my name! This name means intelligence and sacrifice! Which, not to brag, is me! Jae is lovely! I go by CJ or Jae. This name is unique and beautiful! If you have nothing nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING!
Lovegood12  3/31/2015
This is a common middle name for girls in my family. It's quite pretty.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2011
This is a really common name in Korea, or rather, a common first part of a name (as Koreans generally have two part names) but Jae alone is not unheard of.
EkiAku  10/28/2013
It's too short. There are better nicknames I believe.
Jake Fax  7/13/2016
This can be also a feminine version of Jay, alongside with Jai. [noted -ed]
leoBeyene2002  11/16/2017
Instead of listing Jae as a rare spelling of an English name, why not note that it's a Korean name? It can be used alone as a single-syllable name, though it is more common as either the first or last syllable of a two-syllable name. The meaning depends on which hanja is used to write it, but the most common ones are "talent", "wealth", "cultivate", and "again".

There is a famous South Korean footballer with the single-syllable name, Hur Jae (family name comes first; given name last). Another notable bearer of this name was Gil Jae, a neo-COnfucian scholar from the Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasty. [noted -ed]
Menodora  1/3/2018

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