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My daughter's name is Jaime-Jean (Jean) after my late grandmother and it did cross my mind that she would be teased in school as Jaime could be a boy or girl's name and then I added Jean to it which can be a boy's name, just pronounced differently. Therefore at school she's just known as Jaime, not her full name.
Crislee3  3/8/2018
Jaime Lee Kirchner is an American actress, dancer and singer, known for her roles on television. Kirchner was born in Germany but was raised in Clarksville, Tennessee. She attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in New York. She made her stage debut in the role of Mimi Marquez in the international and Broadway productions of the musical Rent in 2005. Before acting, she appeared as a dancer in Beyoncé's "Work It Out" music video.
cutenose  7/15/2017
Anyone who pronounces it Jaime as the Spanish male version is correct! Jamie has always been throughout history spelled and pronounced (Jay-me) as Jamie, unless you were born a male Hispanic then it was traditional Jaime (pronounced as hay m eh or HY-me)... English version has ALWAYS been Jamie, period. It was a strong male name that slowly became used and adopted as a feminine name for girls. Now for some unknown reason people want to spell it as the male born Spanish version for girls which irks my soul. So now every assuming person in the entire world who sees the spelling as Jamie thinks it's Jaime and mispronounces it (again Jamie is the English version) Jaime Spanish male. Stop trying to change the history and origin people.
Jamier247  9/12/2016
Jaime Lannister of a Song of Ice and Fire has this name.
Lewons78  8/8/2016
I never understood the Jaime spelling for Jamie. It seems to me the ai would be pronounced hy as in the Spanish name Jaime which is pronounced Hy-mee. Another example would be the game Jai-alai, it's pronounced Hy-lye not Hay-alay. At the very least, Jaime seems it would be pronounced Jaym with a long a as a one syllable name. I am female, named after my father who is James. I've always liked my name and find it just a tad irritating when someone misspells it as Jaime. But that's my personal impression. :)
Jamie not Jaime  1/6/2016
I love the name, I like unisex names for girls though, always have. Jaime, Stevie, Leigh, etc are all good with me.
TheBear  10/11/2015
Jaime is the name of Chester Bennington's son.
emilydominko  9/29/2015
It could also be a boy's name pronounced like Jamie.
thenamer007  7/6/2015
The name Jaime was given to 81 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
Actually, the true usage of Jaime is as a Spanish masculine name, pronounced HI-may. The people who use it as a feminine variant of Jamie are completely ignoring another culture's naming customs.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2013
I know a girl called Jaimee
I think it looks more feminine.
zoe x  10/22/2011
This is an ugly spelling of Jamie. Jaime looks like it should be pronounced JAYM, and it's a Spanish boys' name. The worst part is giving it in reference to the French j'aime. That makes the name sound extremely tacky and trashy.
bananarama  11/19/2010
When I first saw this name I thought it was pronounced Jaym, I also thought the person with this name was male. I was appalled to find out a girl was named this and surprised about the pronunciation. This name, however pronounced, is EXTREMELY masculine in my opinion, and should never be used on a girl.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2008
It's bad enough to actually name a boy Jamie instead of James. Naming a girl Jaime is a terrible thing to do. It sounds like a nickname for James, and with this spelling, the logical thing for an English-speaker to do would be to pronounce it "JAYM". And heck, that would actually sound more mature. On the other hand, if people are stupid enough to think Faithe is pronounced "FAY-thee", they'll probably have no issue with this spelling. This name sounds a bit trashy, quite frankly. And, of course, this isn't pronounced ANYTHING like 'J'aime', and the concept of naming your kid something like that is very tacky anyway.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2008
I do actually quite like this. It's definitely preferable to Jamesina if you're looking for a feminine form of James! However, you're then faced with the triple whammy of:

1. Sounds like Jamie, a boys' name
2. Looks like Jaime ("hy-may"), a Spanish boys' name
3. Seems to spell out "Jaym" - confusing.

Confusing though it is, I do think the spelling is pretty and I like the little link with "j'aime" - I love you. Maybe I would use this as a middle name if I wanted to name a girl after somebody called James.
aquamarina  2/27/2008
I like the name but Jaime Pressley ruined it for me, however. But I still like the name.
aquaspirit96  9/6/2007
Jaime - pronounced like this - is the name of my best guy friend. Because of him, I could never see this as a feminine name.
princessleia28  8/9/2007
If you're intending to give this name to your daughter in this spelling, intending it to be from the French phrase j'aime, you should be aware that that phrase is actually pronounced something like "ZHEM". It's definitely not said anything like JAY-mee. [noted -ed]
Randee15  7/5/2007
My name is Jaimeson after my father Jameson. He is called James and I'm called Jaime or JaiJai. When I was little I hated my name because kids used to make fun of me saying it was a boys name. Now I love it.
jaimej  6/12/2007
In my opinion, this name seems like it should be pronounced "jaym" instead of "jay-mee" due to the placement of the letter "i."
JHG812  6/9/2007
Jaime Pressley is the actress who plays the delightfully trashy Joy on "My Name Is Earl".
elizabeth hamlet  12/24/2006
My name is Jamie and I love my name but I wish my mother would have spelled it this way - Jaime - I like it better, to me it looks more feminine.
jjsrule2  12/15/2006
Because me name is spelled Jaime, people always pronounced it like the Spanish male version, like on the first day of classes, or teasing me. My mom says that Jamie spells jammie as in jam-ee, and that Jaime is like jay-me. So that's her theory anyways. I like my name so that's all that matters.
jaimetj  4/7/2006
But Jamie has been pronounced that way for centuries, and a with a single consonant following a vowel it would probably have a long 'a' sound; Jamie is a name with a lot of history pronounced Jamie, while Jaime until a generation ago was always a male Spanish name pronounced HY-may, so her 'theory' sounds more like personal preference to me.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2007
'J'aime' actually means 'I like', not 'I love'. 'I love' would more along the lines of 'j'adore'.
echo_of_the_past  3/16/2006
You're right abou j'adore meaning I love. But the verb aimer CAN ALSO mean I love (Je t'aime means I love you).
swisssugar  6/30/2006
Actress Jaime Murray is a famous bearer.
hana  1/27/2006
I love the name Jaime. But no one ever spells my name right, they always spell it like Jamie.
lilcuteblonde209  9/27/2005

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