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The name Jalen comes from Jalen Rose, a University of Michigan basketball player in the early 1990's. When naming my first son after him in 1993, I had the U of M basketball office call his mother to ask the origin of the name. He is named after 2 family members combined - James and Leonard.
amidalafan1  11/28/2005
In the United States, the regular use of Jalen is clearly attributable to the career of the basketball player Jalen Rose, so its origin is "a blend of James and Leonard", as that was how his mother created his name. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  10/11/2007
My friend's mother named her daughter Jailyn, a possible feminine variant of "Jalen". Upon inquiry, I discovered that the name was a combination of Jay (short for Jamie) and "Lynn", the mother's middle name.
Lilith_Aveline  9/4/2006
In 1569 muster roll in Kenwyn Cornwall jalen is listed as a weapon that can be used in battles. Site is
jennesse  8/27/2010
Um, if you put James and Leonard together, wouldn't you get JAMARD or JAMLEO, not JALEN?
keepitreal  1/29/2011
I find it interesting that this name is referred to as "invented," whereas names like Jaylyn, Kaelee, etc are listed on BtN as simply being the combination of popular prefixes and suffixes. Also, I'm pretty sure Jalen was being used for the same reasons as the aforementioned names before Jalen Rose became famous.

I'm disappointed in the lack of consistency here.
silly_rabbit  8/10/2015

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