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Very popular in the Czech Republic in 1970s and 1980s. The female version of the name Jan (John).
AmyChlad  3/1/2016
I know a girl named Jana. She is funny and smart and cool and outgoing. This is a good name for a girl.
AwAriDoll  2/16/2012
Pronounced YAH-nah in Croatian and Serbian. "YAH" can be long or short. [noted -ed]
enchy  6/13/2011
I wouldn't say it's a variant of Ana, more likely a form of.
It's definitely not a variant: Ana is pronounced AH-nah, and Jana YAH-nah.
enchy  6/13/2011
This name is common in Serbia. It is biblical name. Related to the name Ana which is a Hebrew name and pronounced Hannah. It means have mercy. And also there is a possibility that Jana comes from names such as Jovana or Mirjana. In Serbia it has 2 pronunciations when you say the name fast or slow. I´m glad that my name is popular in other languages! It is a very beautiful name.
anJa16  4/4/2008

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