Names Related to Jancis

Names that are related to JANCIS:
ANŽE   m   Slovene
ASIA (2)   f   Polish
BEVAN   m   Welsh
CHEVONNE   f   Irish
CHICA   f   Portuguese
CHICO   m   Portuguese
CISSY   f   English
CURRO   m   Spanish
DESHAUN   m   African American
DESHAWN   m   African American
EAN   m   Manx
ELIÁN   m   Various
EOIN   m   Irish, Scottish
EVAN   m   Welsh, English
FANNI   f   Finnish, Hungarian
FANNIE   f   English
FANNY   f   English, Finnish
FERENC   m   Hungarian
FERI   m   Hungarian
FERKÓ   m   Hungarian
FFRANSIS   m   Welsh
FRAN   m & f   Spanish, English, Croatian, Slovene
FRANC   m   Slovene
FRANCA   f   Italian
FRANCE   f   French
FRANCENE   f   English (Rare)
FRANCES   f   English
FRANCESC   m   Catalan
FRANCESCA   f   Italian, Catalan
FRANCESCO   m   Italian
FRANCETTE   f   French
FRANCI   f   Hungarian
FRANCINE   f   French, English
FRANCIS   m & f   English, French
FRANCISCA   f   Spanish, Portuguese, Late Roman
FRANCISCO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
FRANCISCUS   m   Late Roman, Dutch
FRANČIŠEK   m   Slovene
FRANČIŠKA   f   Slovene
FRANCISKA   f   Hungarian
FRANCISQUE   m   French
FRANCISZEK   m   Polish
FRANCISZKA   f   Polish
FRANCKA   f   Slovene
FRANCO (2)   m   Italian
FRANÇOIS   m   French
FRANÇOISE   f   French
FRANE   m   Croatian
FRANG   m   Scottish
FRANGAG   f   Scottish
FRANJO   m   Croatian, Serbian
FRANK (2)   m   English
FRANKA   f   Croatian
FRANKIE   m & f   English
FRANKO   m   Croatian
FRANNIE   f   English
FRANNY   m & f   English
FRANO   m   Croatian
FRANS   m   Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
FRANSEZA   f   Breton
FRANTIŠEK   m   Czech
FRANTIŠKA   f   Czech
FRANTZISKA   f   Basque
FRANTZISKO   m   Basque
FRANZ   m   German
FRÄNZE   f   German
FRANZI   f   German
FRANZISKA   f   German
FRENS   m   Limburgish
FRENSKE   m   Limburgish
GANIX   m   Basque
GENETTE   f   English (Rare)
GHJUVAN   m   Corsican
GIA   f   Italian
GIAMBATTISTA   m   Italian
GIAMPAOLO   m   Italian
GIAMPIERO   m   Italian
GIAN   m   Italian (Archaic)
GIANCARLO   m   Italian
GIANFRANCO   m   Italian
GIANLUCA   m   Italian
GIANLUIGI   m   Italian
GIANMARCO   m   Italian
GIANMARIA   m   Italian
GIANNA   f   Italian
GIANNI   m   Italian
GIANNINA   f   Italian
GIANNINO   m   Italian
GIANPAOLO   m   Italian
GIANPIERO   m   Italian
GIOVANNA   f   Italian
GIOVANNETTA   f   Italian
GIOVANNI   m   Italian
GJON   m   Albanian
HAMPUS   m   Swedish
HANK   m   English
HANKE   m   Low German
HANKIN   m   Medieval English
HANN   m   Medieval English
HANNA (2)   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Hungarian
HANNE (1)   f & m   Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch
HANNELE   f   Finnish
HANNELORE   f   German
HANNES   m   Dutch, German, Finnish
HANNIE   f   Dutch
HANNU   m   Finnish
HANS   m   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
HASSE   m   Swedish
HONZA   m   Czech
HOVHANNES   m   Armenian
IAIN   m   Scottish
IAN   m   Scottish, English
IANCU   m   Romanian
IANTO   m   Welsh
IEFAN   m   Welsh
IEUAN   m   Welsh
IFAN   m   Welsh
IOAN   m   Romanian, Welsh, Bulgarian
IOANA   f   Romanian, Bulgarian
IOANE   m   Georgian (Archaic)
IOANN   m   Russian
IOANNA   f   Greek, Biblical Greek
IOANNES   m   Greek, Biblical Greek
IOANNIS   m   Greek
IOANNU   m   Old Church Slavic
IOHANNA   f   Biblical Latin
IOHANNES   m   Biblical Latin
ION   m   Basque, Romanian
IONEL   m   Romanian
IONELA   f   Romanian
IONUȚ   m   Romanian
IVÁN   m   Spanish
IVAN   m   Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovene, Macedonian, English
IVANA   f   Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian
IVANE   m   Georgian
IVANKA   f   Czech, Slovene, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian
IVANNA   f   Russian (Rare)
IVICA   m   Croatian
IVO (2)   m   Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian
IWAN   m   Welsh, Polish
JAAN   m   Estonian
JACK   m   English
JACKIE   m & f   English
JACKIN   m   Medieval English
JACKSON   m   English
JAKE   m   English
JÁN   m   Slovak
JAN (1)   m   Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Slovene, German, Catalan
JAN (2)   f   English
JAN (3)   m   Medieval English
JANA (1)   f   Dutch, German, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Catalan
JANAE   f   English (Modern)
JANCIS   f   English (Rare)
JANCSI   m   Hungarian
JANE   f   English
JANEK   m   Polish, Czech
JANEKA   f   English (Rare)
JANEL   f   English
JANELE   f   English (Rare)
JANELLA   f   English (Rare)
JANELLE   f   English
JANENE   f   English
JANESSA   f   English (Modern)
JANET   f   English
JANETTA   f   English (Rare)
JANETTE   f   English
JANEY   f   English
JANEZ   m   Slovene
JANI   m   Finnish, Hungarian
JANICE   f   English
JANIČKA   f   Czech
JANIE   f   English
JANIKA   m   Hungarian
JANINA   f   Polish, Finnish, German, Swedish, Lithuanian
JANINE   f   English
JĀNIS   m   Latvian
JANIS   f   English
JANKIN   m   Medieval English
JANKO   m   Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak
JANNA   f   Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, English
JANNAH   f   English (Rare)
JANNE (1)   m   Finnish, Swedish
JANNE (2)   f   Danish, Norwegian
JANNEKE   f   Dutch
JANNETTE   f   English
JANNICK   m   Danish
JANNICKE   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
JANNIK   m   Danish
JANNIKE   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
JANNINE   f   English (Rare)
JÁNOS   m   Hungarian
JANTINE   f   Dutch
JANTJE   f   Dutch
JANUSZ   m   Polish
JAXON   m   English (Modern)
JAXSON   m   English (Modern)
JAYNA   f   English (Rare)
JAYNE   f   English
JAYNIE   f   English
JEAN (1)   m   French
JEAN (2)   f   English, Scottish
JEANA   f   English
JEAN-BAPTISTE   m   French
JEANE   f   English
JEANETTE   f   French, English
JEANIE   f   English
JEANINE   f   French, English
JEAN-MARIE   m   French
JEANNA   f   English
JEANNE   f   French, English
JEANNETTE   f   French, English
JEANNIE   f   English
JEANNINE   f   French, English
JEANNOT   m   French
JEHAN   m   Medieval French
JEHANNE   f   Medieval French
JENI   f   English (Modern)
JENNA (1)   f   English
JENNA (2)   f   Finnish
JENNI (1)   f   Finnish
JENNI (2)   f   English
JENNIE   f   English
JENNIGJE   f   Dutch
JENNY   f   English
JENS   m   Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
JESSALYN   f   English (Rare)
JESSI   f   English (Modern)
JESSIE (1)   f   Scottish, English
JESSYE   f   English
JO   f & m   English, German, Dutch
JOAN (1)   f   English
JOAN (2)   m   Catalan, Occitan
JOANA   f   Portuguese, Catalan
JOANDRA   f   English (Rare)
JOANIE   f   English
JOANINHA   f   Portuguese
JOANN   f   English
JOANNA   f   English, Polish, Biblical
JOANNE   f   English
JOANNES   m   Late Roman
JOÃO   m   Portuguese
JOÃOZINHO   m   Portuguese
JOASIA   f   Polish
JOBETH   f   English (Rare)
JOĈJO   m   Esperanto
JOCK   m   Scottish
JOCKIE   m   Scottish
JOCKY   m   Scottish
JOETTA   f   English
JOEY   m & f   English
JOHAN   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Low German, Dutch, Czech
JOHANA   f   Czech
JÓHANN   m   Icelandic
JOHANN   m   German
JÓHANNA   f   Icelandic
JOHANNA   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, English, Late Roman
JOHANNE   f   Danish, Norwegian, Medieval French
JOHANNEKE   f   Dutch
JÓHANNES   m   Icelandic
JOHANNES   m   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Late Roman
JOHANO   m   Esperanto
JOHN   m   English, Biblical
JOHNA   f   English (Rare)
JOHNIE   m & f   English
JOHNNA   f   English
JOHNNIE   m & f   English
JOHNNY   m   English
JOJO   m & f   English
JOLEEN   f   English
JOLENE   f   English
JÓN   m   Icelandic
JON (1)   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Basque
JON (2)   m   English
JÓNA   f   Icelandic
JONAS (1)   m   Lithuanian
JONE   f   Basque
JONELLE   f   English (Rare)
JONETTE   f   English (Rare)
JONI (1)   f   English
JONI (2)   m   Finnish
JONIE   f   English
JONNA   f   Danish, Swedish, Finnish
JOOP   m   Dutch
JOUNI   m   Finnish
JOVAN   m   Serbian, Macedonian
JOVANA   f   Serbian, Macedonian
JOVANKA   f   Serbian, Macedonian
JOVKA   f   Macedonian
JOWAN   m   Cornish
JUAN   m   Spanish, Manx
JUANA   f   Spanish
JUANITA   f   Spanish
JUANITO   m   Spanish
JUHA   m   Finnish
JUHÁN   m   Sami
JUHAN   m   Estonian
JUHANA   m   Finnish
JUHANI   m   Finnish
JUHO   m   Finnish
JUKKA   m   Finnish
JUSSI   m   Finnish
KALOYAN   m   Bulgarian
KEONI   m   Hawaiian
KESHAUN   m   African American (Modern)
KESHAWN   m   African American (Modern)
LASHAWN   f & m   African American
LASHONDA   f   African American
MALONE   m   English (Rare)
NANA (1)   f   Greek
NELU   m   Romanian
NENA   f   English
NETTIE   f   English
NINA (1)   f   Russian, Italian, English, German, French, Polish, Slovene, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian
NINETTE   f   French
NINO (1)   m   Italian
OANA   f   Romanian
OHANNES   m   Armenian
PACA   f   Spanish
PACO   m   Spanish
PANCHO   m   Spanish
PAQUITA   f   Spanish
PAQUITO   m   Spanish
PATXI   m   Basque
PRANCIŠKUS   m   Lithuanian
PROINSIAS   m   Irish
RANSU   m   Finnish
RASHAUN   m   African American (Rare)
RASHAWN   m   African American (Modern)
SEÁN   m   Irish
SEAN   m   Irish, English
SEANNA   f   English (Rare)
SEOC   m   Scottish
SEONA   f   Scottish
SEONAG   f   Scottish
SEÒNAID   f   Scottish
SHAN   f   English
SHANE   m   Irish, English
SHAUN   m   English
SHAUNA   f   English
SHAVONNE   f   Irish, English
SHAWN   m   English
SHAWNA   f   English
SHAWNDA   f   English
SHAYNE   m   English
SHEENA   f   Scottish, English
SHEENAGH   f   English (Rare)
SHENA   f   English (Modern)
SHEONA   f   Scottish
SHEVAUN   f   Irish, English (Rare)
SHEVON   f   Irish, English (Rare)
SHONA   f   Scottish
SHONDA   f   English
SIÂN   f   Welsh
SIANA   f   Welsh
SIANI   f   Welsh
SÍNE   f   Irish
SÌNE   f   Scottish
SINÉAD   f   Irish
SÌNEAG   f   Scottish
SINJIN   m   English (Rare)
SIOBHAN   f   Irish
SIÔN   m   Welsh
SIONED   f   Welsh
SISSIE   f   English
SISSY   f   English
SIWAN   f   Welsh
SJANG   m   Limburgish
SJENG   m   Limburgish
TAJUANA   f   African American (Rare)
TEASAG   f   Scottish
VAN   m   English
VANA   f   Macedonian
VANJA   m & f   Croatian, Serbian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
VANNA (1)   f   Italian
VANNI   m   Italian
VANO   m   Georgian
VANYA   m   Russian
XOÁN   m   Galician
XOANA   f   Galician
XUAN   m   Spanish
YAHYA   m   Arabic, Turkish
YAN   m   Bulgarian, Belarusian
YANA   f   Bulgarian, Russian
YANCY   m   English
YANICK   m & f   Breton, French
YANKO   m   Bulgarian
YANN   m   Breton, French
YANNI   m   Greek
YANNIC   m & f   Breton, French
YANNICK   m & f   Breton, French
YANNIS   m   Greek
YEHOCHANAN   m   Biblical Hebrew
YIANNI   m   Greek
YIANNIS   m   Greek
YOAN   m   Bulgarian
YOANA   f   Bulgarian
YOCHANAN   m   Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
ŽAN   m   Slovene
ŽANA   f   Slovene, Croatian
ZHANNA   f   Russian
ZHANNOCHKA   f   Russian
ZISKA   f   German
ZSANETT   f   Hungarian
ZUAN   m   Medieval Italian