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Namesakes for Jane
American First Ladies: 2 first ladies
      Jane Irwin Harrison   1841  
      Jane Pierce   1853-1857  
Emmy Award Winners: 2 actresses
      (actress) Jane Wyatt   1958; 1959; 1960   Father Knows Best  
      (actress) Jane Curtin   1984; 1985   Kate & Allie  
English and British Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Jane   1553  
Fictional Characters from Books: 4 characters, 2 heroes, 1 villain
      Jane Bennet   1813   Pride and Prejudice  
      Jane Fairfax   1815   Emma  
      Jane Eyre   1847   Jane Eyre  
      Jane Andrews   1908   Anne of Green Gables  
      Jane Porter   1912   Tarzan of the Apes  
      Miss Jane Marple   1930   The Murder at the Vicarage  
      Dolores Umbridge (a.k.a. Jane)   2003   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  
Fictional Characters from Movies: 1 hero
      Calamity Jane   1953   Calamity Jane  
Harry Potter Characters: 1 character
      Dolores Umbridge (a.k.a. Jane)  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 peace
      (peace) Jane Addams   1931  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 14 actresses
      Jane Darwell   1879-1967  
      Jane Wyatt   1910-2006  
      Jane Wyman   1917-2007  
      Jane Fonda   1937-  
      Jane Birkin   1946-  
      Jane Curtin   1947-  
      Jane Seymour   1951-  
      Jane Kaczmarek   1955-  
      Harley Jane Kozak   1957-  
      Jane Lynch   1960-  
      Letitia Dean (a.k.a. Jane)   1967-  
      Jane Krakowski   1968-  
      Sarah Jane Morris   1977-  
      Eden Riegel (a.k.a. Jane)   1981-  
Notable Musicians: 1 singer
      Ella Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Jane)   1917-1996   jazz  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 biologist
      Jane Goodall   1934-  
Notable Writers: 2 authors
      Jane Austen   1775-1817  
      Flora Thompson (a.k.a. Jane)   1876-1947  
Olympic Medalists: 3 bronze, 1 gold/silver
      (bronze) Jane Fauntz   1932   diving - springboard  
      (bronze) Vickey Dixon (a.k.a. Jane)   1992   field hockey  
      (gold/silver) Torah Bright (a.k.a. Jane)   2010; 2014   snowboarding  
      (bronze) Jane Moran   2012   water polo  
Oscar Award Winners: 3 actresses
      (actress) Jane Darwell   1940   The Grapes of Wrath  
      (actress) Jane Wyman   1948   Johnny Belinda  
      (actress) Jane Fonda   1971; 1978   Klute; Coming Home  
Other Royalty: 1 queen consort
      Jane Seymour   1536-1537   England  
Pulitzer Award Winners: 1 winner
      Jane Smiley   1992   A Thousand Acres  
Saints: 8 blessed, 2 saints
      Blessed Joan of Aza (a.k.a. Jane)   ?-1205  
      Blessed Giovanna of Signa (a.k.a. Jane)   1244-1307  
      Blessed Giovanna Soderini (a.k.a. Jane)   1301-1367  
      Blessed Giovanna of Orvieto (a.k.a. Jane)   ?-1306  
      Blessed Jeanne Marie de Maille (a.k.a. Jane)   1332-1414  
      Blessed Giovanna Scopelli (a.k.a. Jane)   1428-1491  
      Blessed Joana of Portugal (a.k.a. Jane)   1452-1490  
      Saint Jeanne-Fran├žoise de Chantal (a.k.a. Jane)   1562-1641  
      Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret (a.k.a. Jane)   1765-1828  
      Blessed Jeanne Gerard (a.k.a. Jane)   ?-1794  
Title Characters: 19 songs, 7 books, 1 book/musical/film, 1 film, 1 tv show
      (film) Calamity Jane   1953   Calamity Jane  
      (song) Jane   1966   Lady Jane  
      (song) Jane   1970   Sweet Jane  
      (song) Jane   1972   Gudbuy T'Jane  
      (song) Daisy Jane   1975   Daisy Jane  
      (book) Mary Jane Harper   1978   Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night  
      (song) Jane   1979   Jane  
      (song) Jane   1983   Baby Jane  
      (song) Jane   1986   Romeo and Jane  
      (song) Jane   1988   Jane Says  
      (song) Mary Jane   1988   Mary Jane  
      (book) Jane Fairfax   1990   Jane Fairfax  
      (song) Jane   1993   The Song That Jane Likes  
      (song) Mary Jane   1993   Mary Jane's Last Dance  
      (song) Jane   1994   Jane  
      (song) Mary Jane   1996   What's The New Mary Jane  
      (song) Jane Porter   1998   Tarzan & Jane  
      (tv show) Jane   2000   The Truth About Jane  
      (book/musical/film) Jane Eyre   1847; 2000; 2011   Jane Eyre  
      (book) Jane   2006   In the Shadow of Lady Jane  
      (song) Jane   2006   The Diary Of Jane  
      (book) Jane   2006   The Playboy's Plain Jane  
      (book) Jane Seymour   2006   Plain Jane  
      (book) Jane Austen   2004; 2007   The Jane Austen Book Club; Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict  
      (song) Jane   2008   Hurricane Jane  
      (song) Kara Jane   2008   Kara Jane  
      (book) Jane   2010   Jane  
      (song) Jane Doe   2010   Jane Doe  
      (song) Jane   2014   Reckless Jane