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A famous bearer is a Croatian skier Janica Kostelić.
-- Karcoolka  7/9/2007
Janica Kostelić's name is pronounced ya-ni-TSA, not ya-ni-KAH.
-- enchy  3/25/2009
Famous bearer is Janika Kolářová, born 1988 Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Student of Artistic Grammar School.
-- Maggie_Simpson  9/30/2007
Pronounced as "Yah:nika".
-- Janika  11/12/2007
Janika is also Bulgarian form.
-- MaggieSimpson  5/6/2008
Janika is also Czech and Slovak form.
-- Meg_Simpson  11/28/2010
Janika is also occasionally used in Finland. Over there it's feminine instead of masculine. I personally think Janika sounds nicer on a girl.
-- bananarama  5/30/2011

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