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I love the name Janine, it's very pretty, and very underused.
-- kanine  12/30/2005
"Janine" is a song by David Bowie, off his Space Oddity album. It begins with the lines "Oh my love, Janine/I'm helpless for your smile."

Janine is also Claudia Kishi's genius older sister in Ann M. Martin's Babysitters Club series of books.
-- WeloveyouJesseLacey  3/1/2006
Janine is a name for someone who is crazy and outgoing. I think it's kinda cute.
-- Anonymous User  3/5/2006
It's a trashy name, I hate it.
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2006
I have always liked the name Janine. It is a pretty name that isn't used very much.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Elegant and understated, a name that will serve a girl well all her life. (Now I sound like Orddu from THE CHRONICLES OF PRYDAIN. If you haven't read those books, by the way, I highly recommend them.)
-- websurfer  5/8/2006
Janine was Joey's brief roomate on FRIENDS, played by Elle MacPherson.
-- Tudor  6/14/2006
I love the name Janine, it's different and very uncommon. Wouldn't change it for anything else.
-- jay jay  12/30/2006
I love this name and wish I would've gave it to one of my daughters. However, I do not like it spelled Jeannine.
-- Honeyrose  7/29/2007
Absolutely foul, no offence but it's true.
-- Anonymous User  9/17/2007
My sister is a Janine. Very much so. Pretty, and silly. But wise and outgoing too. We called her J-9 the K-9 to tease her when we were growing up. But I think she rather liked being just plain 'J-9'. It sounded rather "secret agent"ish. Or like a 'robot' name. Otherwise simply pronounced it. Jan/nEE'n. It fits a child. But it grows up very well too.
-- CoinOpperated  10/14/2008
The name Janine comes for the Hebrew meaning of "A Gift From God".
-- Janine109  3/29/2009
Janine is my grandmother's name. It's an old ladies' name in France.
-- hermione_736  3/31/2009
I always thought of Janine to be a unique name.
-- Kinola  5/22/2012
Janine is the name of a Poison-type Gym Leader in the Pokemon games. She is the daughter of Koga, the original Poison-type Gym Leader.
-- Bonquiqui  6/7/2012
Wife of Neil Sanderson (Drummer of Three Days Grace). (Actually, her name is Janin)
-- foreverslowly  7/14/2012
I think Janine is a good middle name. It is mine after all.. I'm Olivia Janine :) as a first name though I find it dated.
-- Anonymous User  11/24/2012
The name Janine was given to 58 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
My name is Janine. It is very uncommon, I've met one other Janine in my life and it was a great moment lol. When I was little girl I always thought it didn't sound dainty or girly like other girls names and wished I had a more sweeter sounding name, but as I grew older I have grown to really like it. :-)
-- Anonymous User  4/14/2014
Janine is a nice, neat name. It makes a terrific middle name! :)
-- justsomegirl  10/19/2014

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