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Yepheth is from the Hebrew word Yephey meaning beautiful. In the Torah, Noah had three sons, Shem (Hebrew for name), Ham (meaning hot or brown), and Yefet (beautiful). These words still have this meaning in Hebrew.

Shem is from Asia, Ham is Africa, and Yefet(h) is most of Europe. Yefet also had red hair. King David is from this line and had red hair.
SabrinaSharon  1/21/2007
Where does it say in the Bible that David and Japheth had red hair? Also, the Bible makes it very clear that David was a Semite, from the house of Jesse of the tribe of Judah. All of Israel is Semitic. That's why hatred of the Jews is called anti-semitism. Not that I'm being anti-japhetic (I am a Japhethite); just the purist part of me flaring up again. Hey, I'm a writer; we tend to be sticklers for accuracy.
Also, Japheth was the middle son. It says in Genesis that Shem was Noah's oldest son, while Ham was the youngest. That would place Japheth right in the middle.
Atarah Derek  9/26/2007
Contrary to popular belief, Japheth was not the youngest son of Noah. He was either the oldest or the middle because in Genesis 10:21 it says that he was older than Shem (it doesn't mention Ham).
promise  9/12/2006

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