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In the Old Testament, Jared was the great-great-grandfather of Noah and the great-great-great-grandson of Adam.
earthnut  1/3/2008
Jared ( Irish ), also known to mean "rose ". Found this meaning in the same book of baby names 16 years ago. I remember liking "rose" better as the meaning of Jared, than the other meanings! It's my eldest sons middle name... so I must have been happy with the meaning as well as the name! : )
arnishelly  1/18/2013
Arnishelly 1/18/2013

The Irish form of Jared is Iárad, as there's no J in the Irish alphabet :)
kodabear  6/5/2013
My name is Jered. Jared means to descend, as in God sent people/angels down to earth for a purpose. Which I truly believe I am on this earth right now for. GOD BLESS.
8lyon  10/19/2016

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