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Love this name. I might use it as a girl's name actually. It's for a character in a book, and the character isn't right in the head. So this name is good for her.
GML  2/28/2017
This name does exist, though it's rare: Jarogniew Milewski, Polish sound engineer who recorded and remixed some well-known Polish pop music artists.
prakash  5/16/2008
I don't think "jaro" means "spring"; an adjective "jary" means "fierce" in some Slavic languages, so Jarogniew should show a "great wrath" to his enemies, such as Casimir should "destroy their peace" (see CASIMIR). Names like this are an inheritance of a time when the Slavs were ferocious warriors.
prakash  5/16/2008
This name doesn't even exist! In Poland we use very kind names. With god, angels or spirits meaning. Not with "Angry"! This isn't Polish!
Kicia  1/1/2006
Yes, we do have names with "anger", like Zbigniew. But the truth is that most of the names from this list come from Middle Ages and actually don't exist anymore.
asz  9/11/2006

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