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This is Hebrew for "he who praises the lord".
-- dave_savil  4/8/2006
Pronounced Juh-ron.
-- dave_savil  4/8/2006
Sharon may be a feminine name, but Jaron doesn't sound feminine at all. The name just doesn't really sound right in English usage, and there's no way this sounds anything like Yaron.
-- slight night shiver  6/7/2008
Can also be pronounced 'JEIR-in'.
-- Anonymous User  7/13/2008
Jaron is the English variant of the Hebrew name Yaron which means "He who sings and shouts praises."

It was a common Hebrew practice to take a word (in this case "ron" which means to sing or shout praises) and make it a name by adding a Ya or Ye to the beginning of it. When translated into English those become J's.
-- cwats  10/1/2008
Hebrew for to sign or to cry out.
-- aloughbr  7/22/2009
Pronounced (ja - ron) like baron.
-- aloughbr  7/22/2009
This actually sounds kind of neat. It's nothing very extraordinary, but it's tolerable and shouldn't lead to teasing. :)
-- CanadianChibi  3/11/2010
The Hebrew name Jaron is pronounced yah-RON. Or if you Anglicise it, jah-RON. Emphasis on the second syllable.

If you're pronouncing it to sound like "Darren" with a J in front, then yeah you've got a made up name, buddy.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
-- keepitreal  1/15/2011
The name Jaron is a transliteration of Yaron, a Hebrew name meaning, "to sing, shout." It is not a modern American invention. [noted -ed]
-- NataleeMJohnson  8/5/2012
The name Jaron was given to 172 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
I wanted a musical name or a name for my son that had a lot of positive meaning. On June 11 2013 I named my son Jaron Kyan which translates to "Rejoicing King" and I could not be happier.
-- tawners80  10/4/2014
I've seen this name spelled as Jaren.
-- Anonymous User  12/19/2014
I named my son Jaron. I love it, although it is sometimes misinterpreted and he gets Jarrod. I pronounce the name as Ja-ron like Aaron but with a J.
-- Chris McCarthy  12/9/2015

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