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This name is very popular in Germany, pronounced "Yus-meen".
Destry  4/14/2005
Listen to the German pronunciation of Jasmin here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Like the two commentors above said, Jasmin isn't just a modern English version of Jasmine! Jasmin is also the "normal" way of spelling Jasmine in German speaking countries. I have a friend named Jasmin, who I think the name really suits.
swisssugar  9/4/2006
I love the name Jasmin using the German pronunciation YAS-meen. However, I am afraid if used in the U.S. people would mistake it for a poor varitation of Jasmine. So I guess I am torn on my opinion of this name because you would always have to correct people. I love the German pronunciation and disfavor the English pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2007
The German dance-music star who once went by the stage name Blümchen is named Jasmin Wagner.
greta-elisif  5/19/2008
Believe it or not, Jasmin is a masculine name in Albania and Bosnia. Over there, the feminine form is Jasmina. I know an Albanian with this name, and he is male. On top of that, it's pronounced differently. But to English ears, it sounds like a feminine name, so I can understand why someone would use it on a girl.
bananarama  7/13/2008
To me it's just tacky.
GeorgiaLovely  10/25/2008
I'm Finnish and this is my name. I kind of like it but hate that everyone makes so stupid nicknames of it. It was very popular name in Finland in 90's.
jass-  3/21/2009
Jasmin is also a modern Finnish name. As jass- said, it was very popular in the '90s (many names starting with J were very trendy then and Disney's 'Aladdin' might have helped too). Pronunciation is YUS-min. [noted -ed]
Jasmine (three syllables: YUS-mi-NE) is a rarer variant.
Louska  11/30/2016
My name's Tasmin and I get this all the time. It's kind of irritating, because that's really not my name. I even had to change the way I wrote the letter T so people wouldn't get it wrong.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2009
The name Jasmin was given to 281 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Jasmin are female.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017

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