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Jay Scott Greenspan is the real name of actor Jason Alexander.
-- Anonymous User  3/5/2006
Jay Gatsby, the title character of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
-- Dray  3/20/2006
My friend is callled Jay Jay, but her real name is Jorrellaine. I'm sure it can be used for females as well, I don't know why it's only clasified as masculine.
-- kittyjones  3/30/2006
Jay Robinson - an actor probably best known for his riotous and famous role as Emperor Caligula in "The Robe" (1953) and "Demetrius and the Gladiators." (1954). I am not sure of his real name. I don't think Jay is an independent name.
-- Anonymous User  6/1/2006
Can also be a short name for James, Jacob, Jason or others starting with "Ja."
-- Anonymous User  6/1/2006
Homer Simpson's middle name is Jay.
-- someone006  7/20/2006
Why can't Jay be used as an independant name?
-- Anonymous User  7/23/2006
Jay, Sparrow, and Robin always come together when I think of one.
-- 7up  2/5/2007
Due to the amount of immature boys in my form, poor Jay is called Jay the gay.
-- Luangi  4/9/2007
Jay Kay, frontman of English band Jamiroquai. Great singer, songwriter and dancer.
-- Anonymous User  6/2/2007
Jay L. Schottenstein, chairman of American Eagle Outfitters.
-- Brianna Angela  8/3/2007
My son's name is James and we call him Jay for short. I find Jay nicer than Jim or Jamie.
-- Anonymous User  10/27/2007
Jay is a good nickname for a name like James or Jacob. It shouldn't be used on its own though, it has no etymology and just sounds like a nickname for a longer name.
-- Ki28  1/23/2008
This makes a decent nickname, but it's a bit youthful and minimalist as an official name.
-- slight night shiver  6/8/2008
Jay might be nice as a nickname, but PLEASE - do NOT use this as a first name. Middle name, maybe, but not first name. (Unless you like the Hindi name or meaning of Jay.) Anyway, that's just my opinion. I sorta like the sound, but I really think that it should either be short for something or a nickname - never a first name. It has no real structure as a name.
-- RachelLee  7/2/2008
Okay, well, perhaps in SOME cases it can serve as a good first name. *Takes back some of what I said earlier* In my opinion though, it should only be followed by a substantial middle name, or else it won't sound right.
-- RachelLee  7/2/2008
A famous bearer of this name is Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2009
There's Jay, then Jake, then Jacob. It's like a chain in my opinion. Anyways I like this name.
-- coolcatevan9  11/3/2009
Jay Leno, comedian and former host of The Tonight Show.
-- slyboots  11/15/2009
Looks incomplete, and can easily go from sounding fairly pretty to annoying. Use it as a nickname.
-- lucyskydiamonds  1/19/2010
Jay DeMarcus, bassist of Rascal Flatts. :)
-- Harvey1409  5/9/2010
I actually really like Jay as a name on its own, as well as a nickname for Jason or James or what have you. It reminds me of a blue jay.
-- mrose19  6/28/2011
Jay, a character from Marble Hornets.
-- CanadianChibi  8/1/2011
Famous bearer is Jay Gatsby. Or James.
-- codenameflame  8/4/2011
It's a nice name with style but I wouldn't name a kid this because of the Blue Jay bird.
-- Melys11  1/16/2013
It's a nice name on its own; it's not my favorite, but I still like it. It also can be a nickname for pretty much any male name beginning with the letter J :-)
-- Oohvintage  3/25/2013
I like it as a nickname for another name like James or Jason for example, but independently I don't like it at all, it sounds incomplete and there are 0 good nicknames for it.
-- Anonymous User  3/21/2015
It's alright as a nickname. Although I can not stand it as an independent name because it's rather dull.
-- Anonymous User  5/25/2015
I'd use it as a full name. I've met guys named Jay and it always stands out and sounds nice. If I do use it, it'll most likely be used as a nickname, but only because I already like a lot of "J" names for boys.
-- silly_rabbit  10/11/2015
I though Jay could be a girls' name too! It sounds like a gender-neutral name to me, similar to Robin/Robyn and Sparrow. It could be a short form of Jamie, Jaime and Jayden, which can all be girls' names.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2016

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