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I want to say Jay-Don. What's wrong the Biblical name Jadon?
XironDarkstar  1/16/2018
Like the rest of the commenters said, this is an awful spelling of an already overused, made up, juvenile name. If you want to name your kid this just go with Jaden.
Luvbug86  10/5/2016
I'm THRILLED to see these types of names declining in popularity. The obnoxious and infantile "Aidan\aiden\ayden\aden" rhyming trend is coming to a close (at least for the majority)

Jaden #201 (down from #172 in 2014)
Jadon #923 (down from #863 in 2014)
Jaiden #268 (down from #236 in 2014)
Jayden #20 (down from #15 in 2014)
Jaydon #999 (down from #854 in 2014)

You know it's obnoxious when a single name has a plethora of spelling variants ALL within the charts. Hopefully come the 2016 charts, Jadon (#923) and Jaydon (#999) will no longer be on. 3 spellings of this name would be less of a nightmare than 5.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2016
My cousin is named Jaydon, so I've never thought of it as trashy, it's better than Zayden at least.
FlakyMatt  5/18/2011
Although I don't mind Jayden now, this spelling still looks obnoxious and babyish. These parents should realize that most of our lives are spent in adulthood, not childhood.
bananarama  4/13/2010
One of the stupidest and trashiest names out there. Go back to the trailer park!
johann14  3/30/2010
Trashy, tacky, and infantile.
number1212  5/14/2009

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