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This spelling is the cutest for a girl. :-})
Taydbug112  12/18/2006
I really like this as a nickname, it use to be my own nickname and still is on forums. It would pass as a name but works more as a nickname.
NovaNight  6/22/2008
Jaye Davidson, played Dil in "the Crying Game."
MoonAgeDaydreamer  4/2/2009
As a middle name:

Peta Jaye Weber, née Reeder-Gibb, is the only daughter of Andrew Roy "Andy" Gibb (1958-1988) and his wife Kim Reeder (they were married only a short while).

Andy is the younger brother of award-winning and massively-successful singing group the Bee Gees (Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb; Andy was nearly a member himself) and late-1970s-1980s music star in his own right.
la-petite-rachel  1/30/2014
This can be a unisex name.
leoBeyene2002  11/4/2017
I love this name for a girl's middle name, I think I prefer it to Jaya.
XironDarkstar  12/21/2017

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