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I think this is honestly the best 3-letter name. I love it! Absolutely no clue why more people think it's a bad name on the ratings tab.
Magnificent Moose  3/20/2019
J.E.B. Stuart was actually named James Ewell Brown Stuart. However, he's far better known by his nickname Jeb. I know it's politically incorrect to admit that the Confederacy had competent, intelligent individuals, but even a Pennsylvania born historian of the time admitted Jeb was a celebrity of his time. Jeffrey D. Wert wrote:

"Stuart had been the Confederacy's knight-errant, the bold and dashing cavalier, attired in a resplendent uniform, plumed hat, and cape. Amid a slaughterhouse, he had embodied chivalry, clinging to the pageantry of a long-gone warrior. He crafted the image carefully, and the image befitted him. He saw himself as the Southern people envisaged him. They needed a knight; he needed to be that knight."

And by all historical accounts his behavior was far more ethical than most of today's celebrities.

To me, the name evokes an image of someone who embodies highly desirable male ideals.
VMJH  12/5/2016
This sounds like the name of a dimwitted, racist, sexist hillbilly. It also reminds me of George W. Bush's brother. Not good.
slight night shiver  6/9/2008
My friend's given name is Jacob, and he goes by Jeb. I like this name.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2007
Jeb is also a short form of Jebidiah.
LimeGreen  6/13/2006
The current governor of Florida is Jeb Bush, younger brother of George W. His real name is John Ellis, but is called "Jeb" because of his initials.
breakofday  5/23/2006
This has also been used as a short form of Jerimiah, as in the case of a cousin of mine.
Lady Ealasaid  1/17/2006

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