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Jed Clampett was a character on "The Beverly Hillbillies" T.V. show. He was played by Buddy Ebsen.
-- breakofday  12/21/2005
Well, it's a hickish nickname of a hickish name. Come on, have some class.
-- slight night shiver  6/9/2008
I have a younger brother who we call Jed, though his name is Jared.
-- bronniedavis  9/2/2008
Jed Lowrie of the Boston Red Sox.
-- Anonymous User  9/11/2008
I personally think Jed is very classy name: wonderfully rare and very masculine. Perfect for any age!
-- Rhona J  11/7/2009
Josiah Bartlet, the president on The West Wing, went by Jed.
-- Anonymous User  5/8/2011
I kinda like Jed, but Jedediah sounds really ridiculous and reminds me of a cowboy.
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2013
The name Jed was given to 63 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/20/2013
Jed is the nickname for one of my friends, his full name is Jediah (pronounced Jed-II-ahh.
-- Anonymous User  8/21/2014
The name Jed was given to 76 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
Jed is the name of Roper's girlfriend in John le Carré's espionage novel, The Night Manager. She is played by Elizabeth Debicki in the television miniseries.
-- Chariot of Artemis  11/23/2016

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