Names Related to Jehoiakim

Names that are related to JEHOIAKIM:
ACHIM (1)   m   German
AKI (1)   m   Finnish
AKIM   m   Russian
CHIMO   m   Catalan, Spanish
GIOACCHINO   m   Italian
GIOACHINO   m   Italian
IOACHIM   m   Judeo-Christian Legend
IOAKEIM   m   Judeo-Christian Legend
JAAKKIMA   m   Finnish
JÁCHYM   m   Czech
JEHOIAKIM   m   Biblical
JOACHIM   m   French, German, Polish, Judeo-Christian Legend
JOAKIM   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Serbian, Macedonian
JOAQUIM   m   Portuguese, Catalan
JOAQUIMA   f   Catalan
JOAQUÍN   m   Spanish
JOAQUINA   f   Spanish
JOCHEM   m   German, Dutch
JOCHEN   m   German
JOCHIM   m   German
JOKIN   m   Basque
JOKUM   m   Danish
KIM (2)   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
KIMI   m   Finnish
QUIM   m   Portuguese, Catalan
XIMO   m   Catalan, Spanish
YAHWEH   m   Theology
YAKIM   m   Russian
YEHOYAKIM   m   Biblical Hebrew