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Means "little bird" in Arabic.
me.liss.a  6/14/2005
In English 'Jenna' means little bird. In Arabic 'Jena' means paradise. The name can also be translated as 'Jannah' since there is no direct translation between the letters in Arabic to English.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2005
The origin of the name Jena is Arabic and means small bird. The origin of the name Jenna is English and means Paradise.
Luvtaread  3/13/2006
My husband is Arabic. And the name does mean paradise. Jannah Jana Jena Jenna. Doesn't matter. Like someone said there isn't a direct translation between Arabic and English letters. That is also why there are many ways to spell Mohammed i.e Muhammed, Mohamed.
lilbeth  11/15/2006
This is usually used as another form of the name Jenna.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2006
This could also be a different spelling of the name Gena.
bibi66  6/9/2007
My name is Jena Marie. I love my name! 'Jena' also can mean 'white, fair, smooth' in Cornish, 'little bird' in English, and 'white wave' in Welsh (from Jenny/Jennifer/Gwenhwyfar). It is a variant of Jenny, which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer. In Scandinavian, it means 'God is gracious'. (Note that the Scandinavian name 'Jena' is for a boy). All other meanings of the name 'Jena' are feminine. It is also the name of a city in Germany (I believe it is pronounced 'yee-ay-nah' in German). I don't know what it means in German. Is there anyone who does?
― Anonymous User  7/18/2007

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