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Jennifer means pure, white wave or if it is spelled Jennipher then it means pure, white ghost.
OBiancardi  4/1/2005
Hello all, as far as I know the name means as much as "white spirit", "bright spirit" or, as a free translation, "good spirit". It derives from the Arabic "djinn" meaning "ghost" and "fer" for "white".
― Anonymous User  6/30/2005
If it is according to Welsh Mythology then Gwener is the Welsh word for the planet Venus.
Gwener [m.] (n.) Venus
or even
gwe+n [gwenau, f.] (n.) smile, grin.
jaspierce  3/21/2006
In Welsh Jennifer means white-cheeked. I've also seen it used as fair in combination with beautiful, prsoperous or fertile. It's also said that a Jennifer has deep emotions, a bright mind and will do aything to reach her goal.
Amaryllis Isis  1/17/2007
If it was originally a Cornish name, why is it not also listed as Cornish?
thesnowwhiterose  5/27/2013

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