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Dutch pronunciation is yuh-ROON. [noted -ed]
X-Mar  2/18/2006
This would have been my name if I had been a boy and for that reason alone I am glad that I'm a girl. I hate this name.
renee06  6/13/2008
I have a Dutch friend named Jeroen. He's a very thoughtful sensitive man who is my best friend's partner. At first his name was strange to my Anglophone ear/tongue and I struggled with it. But after knowing him for some years now, his name seems masculine yet tender and for some reason reminds me of a safe harbor for ships... like 'mooring'.
leananshae  9/19/2012
My aforementioned Dutch friend says his name you-ROON not yuh-ROON. Really. You should change it.
leananshae  9/19/2012
Jeroen Krabbé, Dutch actor, is a famous bearer.
Kosta  1/29/2014
Jeroen Tel is a famous bearer of this name. He is a dutch composer of games, notably for the Commodore 64, and one of the musicians in Maniacs of Noise.
TanorFaux  4/7/2017

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