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A colleague of mine, who is from Poland, is named Jerzy and insists the correct pronunciation is "YUR-ik".
visitor27  4/7/2006
The correct pronunciation of the name Jerzy is in fact "YEH-zhih" (the closest approximation I could make.) The most common nickname for Jerzy is Jurek, which is doubtless what your colleague was referring to.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2009
I have also seen this used for girls and another spelling I have seen used is Jersy.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
Jerzy Kozinski, 20th century author, is a famous bearer of this name. His novels include "Being There" and "The Painted Bird."
Zinha  4/29/2007
The name looks like the word 'jersey'.
CharlieRob  8/19/2007
Actor, writer, and director Jerzy Skolimowski is a famous bearer of the name Jerzy.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2008
Jerzy Popieluszko was a Polish priest who did what he could for the solidarity and really got punished for it. And it's not 'jersey'.
welovejamesarness  11/17/2008
I like a lot of Polish names, but I hate this name. I unfortunately think of Jerzy Kosinski and his horrible book The Painted Bird.
bananarama  1/3/2010
It's funny because while I know it's a Polish name, all I can think of is a greasy guido sporting an airbrushed t-shirt that says "JERZY'S FINEST".
Aureliano  2/25/2010
Nice name. But I prefer Jurek.
coolcatevan9  2/27/2010

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