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A sophisticated and sublime alternative to the overly trashed Jasmine.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
It is an Old French name, coming from the Old French word for jasmin - jessamin. This came from the Arabic yasmin.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2006
This is one of the nicest names I've discovered. I love the sound and the spelling of it. It is unique and has an air of elegance to it. It is one of my favorite names.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2006
To me Jessamine looks and sounds like a hybred of Jessica and Jasmine combined.
Missy  10/31/2006
Whenever I see it, I say it Jess ah MEEN. It sounds way cooler.
A.R.  3/1/2007
Pronounced Jess-uh-meen not Jess-uh-min.
YMPvt  3/7/2007
Definitely pronounced JES-eh-min, not jes-eh-MEEN. Since Jessamine is a botanical name--Carolina Jessamine is a climbing vine with yellow flowers, and gardeners sometimes use the words jessamine and jasmine interchangably--you can confirm Jessamine's pronunciation in virtually any dictionary, including Webster's, Random House, and dictionary. Com.
GasolineAllie  5/9/2007
Jess-Uh-Min sounds too much like specimen for my taste. I love the Jess-Uh-Meen pronunciation though.
It's not just a botanical variation of Jasmine, it's also a French name, and the French pronounce it Jess-Uh-Meen.
JayIsNotAmazing  4/2/2017
My name is Jessamine and I pronounce it jess-a-min.
Jessamine  11/9/2007
Another variant of this name is Jessamy (JESS-uh-mee).
aquamarina  11/15/2007
This is also the name of a postrock band, and the name is actually quite beautiful. I don't particularly like Jasmine, and I'm not a fan of other names beginning with Jess-, but this one is quite nice. I predict it to become overused any day now, though.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
I pronounce it jess-ah-MEEN.
dreadfulxsorry  6/6/2008
I love Jessamine, pronounced jess-uh-MEEN, which is the way it would also be pronounced in French.
Lily8  11/22/2008
Jessamine is a character in Robert Planquette's opera "Nell Gwynne", first performed in 1884. It was used in the 19th century during the fashion for flower names.
Jonquil  12/16/2008
I prefer the English pronunciation to the French (JES-uh-min), and find this name to be absolutely stunning in just about every way. I love the way Jessamine Rose simply rolls off the tongue.
erb816  5/2/2009
It is pronounced jess-uh-min.
― Anonymous User  2/27/2011
I disagree with the previous posters. "Jessamine" is a horrendous name. It could even pass and be titled "ghetto" or "kre8tiv" (made-up) quite easily. Not only is it pompous, harsh, unsophisticated, unprofessional-- it is ugly. It certainly will not aid in the business world. Jessamine Rockwell, lawyer? Doctor? I think not.
Francesca  5/5/2011
This "name" sounds like some creepy, made-up, overdone hybrid of Jessica and Jasmine. I love Jasmine, but can't stand Jessica. This, of all messed-up hybrids, is ridiculous. I'd never name my kid this, would you?
blondieboo629  8/9/2011
I don't dislike it but much prefer pretty Jasmine.
Yesterday I was looking through a list of Norfolk UK marriages from parish registers and saw this name on a bride in 1837, though the spelling was given (perhaps mistakenly by the transcriber) as Jessemine - was surprised to see it that early.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2011
Jessamine Luxton is the main character in `The Poison Diary's'. It's a really good book, worth reading. And I love this name. I pronounce it Jez-a-Meen, I think it sounds natural and really beautiful.
Grace_Scarlette  8/30/2011
Here's British pop singer Marty Wilde performing "Jesamine" (only one s in the song title) - note he pronounces it with a z sound, like jez-uh-min:
Just Jonquil  3/26/2013
I have Jessamine on my list in both first and middle name spots, and I pronounce it JESS-uh-min. To my mind, this name is classy as well as modern, and it has some sort of whimsical-ness to it. The French pronunciation is also pretty. Oh, and BTW, I have absolutely nothing against Jasmine. I just prefer Jessamine to it :)
Skylar_Arianna  6/7/2013
Jessamine "JESS-uh-min" definitely sounds softer than Jasmine phonetically. The French pronunciation "Jess-a-MEEN" sounds beautiful as well, either one is good, and I think it really depends on how it goes with your last name, it gives an extra option, why not? The spelling looks great, exquisite, whimsical, ethereal and classy.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2015
I have a French friend, she pronounces it as Jess-uh-MEEN.
graceoak123  11/5/2015
I found this name to be incredibly beautiful, especially with the JESS-A-MEEN pronunciation. It's also very easy to come up with nicknames e.g. Jess, Jessie, Jessa etc.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2017
Jessamine is a county in Kentucky, USA, founded in 1798.
queen_vic  2/15/2017
Jessamine is a variant name for the plant Jasmine. It has been used as such for centuries. It is mentioned in the novel Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell, published in 1853, when referring to the Jessamine growing in her garden.
queen_vic  2/15/2017
I like this name. Another alternative could be Jessamina. Nicknames from Jess, Jessa, to Mina and Minnie! This name is not made up as some people think. It is a more intelligent and lesser known variant of Jasmine. To me it sounds very Victorian, as the trend of floral naming really took off from this point. And Mina is a famous name (shortened from Wilhelmina) in the Victorian gothic horror Dracula.
queen_vic  2/15/2017
Don't like it. It sounds and looks too made up.
Luvbug86  9/12/2017

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