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A sophisticated and sublime alternative to the overly trashed Jasmine.
-- Anonymous User  4/26/2006
It is an Old French name, coming from the Old French word for jasmin - jessamin. This came from the Arabic yasmin.
-- Anonymous User  5/11/2006
This is one of the nicest names I've discovered. I love the sound and the spelling of it. It is unique and has an air of elegance to it. It is one of my favorite names.
-- Anonymous User  10/11/2006
To me Jessamine looks and sounds like a hybred of Jessica and Jasmine combined.
-- Missy  10/31/2006
Whenever I see it, I say it Jess ah MEEN. It sounds way cooler.
-- A.R.  3/1/2007
Pronounced Jess-uh-meen not Jess-uh-min.
-- YMPvt  3/7/2007
Definitely pronounced JES-eh-min, not jes-eh-MEEN. Since Jessamine is a botanical name--Carolina Jessamine is a climbing vine with yellow flowers, and gardeners sometimes use the words jessamine and jasmine interchangably--you can confirm Jessamine's pronunciation in virtually any dictionary, including Webster's, Random House, and dictionary. Com.
-- GasolineAllie  5/9/2007
My name is Jessamine and I pronounce it jess-a-min.
-- Jessamine  11/9/2007
Another variant of this name is Jessamy (JESS-uh-mee).
-- aquamarina  11/15/2007
This is also the name of a postrock band, and the name is actually quite beautiful. I don't particularly like Jasmine, and I'm not a fan of other names beginning with Jess-, but this one is quite nice. I predict it to become overused any day now, though.
-- slight night shiver  4/24/2008
I pronounce it jess-ah-MEEN.
-- dreadfulxsorry  6/6/2008
I love Jessamine, pronounced jess-uh-MEEN, which is the way it would also be pronounced in French.
-- Lily8  11/22/2008
Jessamine is a character in Robert Planquette's opera "Nell Gwynne", first performed in 1884. It was used in the 19th century during the fashion for flower names.
-- Jonquil  12/16/2008
I prefer the English pronunciation to the French (JES-uh-min), and find this name to be absolutely stunning in just about every way. I love the way Jessamine Rose simply rolls off the tongue.
-- erb816  5/2/2009
It is pronounced jess-uh-min.
-- Anonymous User  2/27/2011
I disagree with the previous posters. "Jessamine" is a horrendous name. It could even pass and be titled "ghetto" or "kre8tiv" (made-up) quite easily. Not only is it pompous, harsh, unsophisticated, unprofessional-- it is ugly. It certainly will not aid in the business world. Jessamine Rockwell, lawyer? Doctor? I think not.
-- Francesca  5/5/2011
This "name" sounds like some creepy, made-up, overdone hybrid of Jessica and Jasmine. I love Jasmine, but can't stand Jessica. This, of all messed-up hybrids, is ridiculous. I'd never name my kid this, would you?
-- blondieboo629  8/9/2011
I don't dislike it but much prefer pretty Jasmine.
Yesterday I was looking through a list of Norfolk UK marriages from parish registers and saw this name on a bride in 1837, though the spelling was given (perhaps mistakenly by the transcriber) as Jessemine - was surprised to see it that early.
-- Anonymous User  8/21/2011
Jessamine Luxton is the main character in `The Poison Diary's'. It's a really good book, worth reading. And I love this name. I pronounce it Jez-a-Meen, I think it sounds natural and really beautiful.
-- Grace_Scarlette  8/30/2011
Here's British pop singer Marty Wilde performing "Jesamine" (only one s in the song title) - note he pronounces it with a z sound, like jez-uh-min:
-- Just Jonquil  3/26/2013
I have Jessamine on my list in both first and middle name spots, and I pronounce it JESS-uh-min. To my mind, this name is classy as well as modern, and it has some sort of whimsical-ness to it. The French pronunciation is also pretty. Oh, and BTW, I have absolutely nothing against Jasmine. I just prefer Jessamine to it :)
-- Skylar_Arianna  6/7/2013
Jessamine "JESS-uh-min" definitely sounds softer than Jasmine phonetically. The French pronunciation "Jess-a-MEEN" sounds beautiful as well, either one is good, and I think it really depends on how it goes with your last name, it gives an extra option, why not? The spelling looks great, exquisite, whimsical, ethereal and classy.
-- Purrsian  1/28/2015
I have a French friend, she pronounces it as Jess-uh-MEEN.
-- graceoak123  11/5/2015
I found this name to be incredibly beautiful, especially with the JESS-A-MEEN pronunciation. It's also very easy to come up with nicknames e.g. Jess, Jessie, Jessa etc.
-- Anonymous User  1/14/2017

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