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Jessica comes from the Hebrew name Isska, means "one who sees". It is the middle name of Sarah, Abraham's wife in the Bible.
Miss Claire  5/23/2005
Jessica is a lovely name, but it is not mentioned in the Bible. Sarah, Abraham's wife, is not given a middle name in the Scriptures.
breakofday  5/23/2006
The name comes from Hebrew and it means woman of wealth.
j_benz  7/23/2005
Jessica is a variation of Jane. And has the same meaning: graceful white lily. Love it!
jessica22  11/29/2005
"No! Jessica and Jane are not related and neither mean lily. Presumably, the meaning you are thinking of it for Jessamyn/Jessamine, which is its meaning, approximately. The name Jessica is unrelated to Jane, however, the name Jessie was formerly used, particularly in Scotland circa the 19th century, as a nickname for Jane; in that form, it was actually unrelated to Jessica.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2007
The name Yiskah (יסכה) actually comes from the Hebrew root sachah (סכה) which means "to see." Adding the yud implies future tense which makes the name imply "to vision" or "to see into the future."

I'm not sure where this meaning "God beholds" comes from--I have seen it on other name sites but in my research, which included midrash (commentary on the Torah) of both classical and contemporary scholars, I've never seen this meaning. Also, I've seen many places cite that Jessica is a feminine form of Jesse (Yishai in Hebrew) which is also most likely incorrect--although we don't know what Shakespeare was thinking. ;)
― Anonymous User  1/30/2006
God's Grace, Gracious etc. (Hebrew.) That's it. Jeh- God etc. And Other websites have that no problem.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2008
Actually, Jessica IS in the Bible, just in the original Hebrew form 'Isska' (Iskah), like the first commenter said. Genesis 11:29 lists Iskah as one of the daughters of Haran. (The Latin Vulgate spells it 'Jescha.')
― Anonymous User  4/10/2013

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