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Looks like JES-sye to me. Come on, this is a silly spelling of an infantile name that works as a nickname, but sounds childish as the actual name of an adult.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
Jessye Norman one of America's greatest singers puts all the pop/rock ones totally in the shade with the beauty of her stunning operatic voice.
― Anonymous User  3/8/2010
Jessye? Really? Ugh, this is more stupid than Rubye! It looks like Jess-EYE, or rather "Jess! Bye!" Thankfully, (and I know a few Jessica's), I don't know anyone who uses this spelling, which means it's not common. I hope it stays that way.
erb816  4/18/2010
On the show, "Dirty Sexy Things", one of the featured models was known as Jessye B.
xsai  12/16/2011
And for my opinion, I think this is probably kept as a nickname in the youth. If you like this, you'd probably be better off calling your daughter Jessica, then stylising "Jessie" in this way. But, she'd probably grow out of "Jessye" eventually.
xsai  12/16/2011

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