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Please people, this is embarassing. Have some cultural awareness! "Jesús" is Spanish for "Joshua" and is as common in Spain and Mexico as Joshua is in English-speaking countries.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2008
Jesus is NOT the Spanish form of Joshua. It is the Spanish form of Jesus. No matter how you slice or dice the name it is the same as Jesus in English and the same as Jesus in any other language. When Spanish-speakers refer to Jesus they are referring to (HEH-soos). This is only used as a name in Spanish-speaking countries. Its usage started in Spain. In any other Christian country it is considered sacrilegious to use. The tradition of theophoric names goes back to Moorish Islamic influence in Spain.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2011
Jesús is not the Spanish form of Joshua, but the Spanish form of the Latinized Hebrew name Jesus (though the original Hebrew name - Yeshua - is etymologically related to modern Joshua). The Spanish name that's *explicitly* a form of Joshua is Josué.
erb816  4/7/2015

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