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The stories about Jezebel are completely historically false. Jezebel was a strong leader and Queen of Persia and she was depicted in such a way in the Old Testament because, like most of the Bible, it subjegates women. All recent secular studies on Jezebel have revealed the long held beliefs of her to be completely false and have actually depicted her in quite the opposite way.
poetic_freedom  3/20/2006
No, Jezebelle was a very evil queen. Look in a Bible, and you can read about her. I agree, it IS a VERY pretty name, but it's completely ruined. It's a shame.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2006
You say to 'look in the Bible' you believe everything you read? The Bible is NOT and I repeat NOT a historical document. It is purely religious. Historians who have no religious ties, who have run secular historical studies have all said that Jezebel was in fact a strong and good leader. The Bible is a timely piece of literature in that it was written at a time when women were looked down upon and subjegated. A leader who was not only a women, but also a powerful, capable and successful leader would have been seen as a threat to many men at the time hence they wrote about her negatively. She was not evil.

That being said, many people will not know this so unfortunately many people assume Jezebel was evil. However I see no problem as someone using this as a name for their daughter especially in an increasingly secular world.
poetic_freedom  4/8/2006
Jezebel *was* an evil woman. The gods she worshipped, the ones from her culture, required the burning alive of infants as sacrifices. She propogated this horrible religion throughout Israel during her reign. "Strong" does not always mean "good."
As far as the Bible being strictly a religious document, not intended as a historical record, it has been found to be extremely accurate when recording historical events. This has been proven through archaeology and other historical documents.
The Bible also promotes the strength and rights of women. As examples read the stories of Deborah, Esther, and Sarah, for starters.
breakofday  5/23/2006
Claiming Jezebel was an "evil" woman is strictly subject to interpretation, which will be biased if you consider the Bible to be an accurate text. Jezebel was looked down upon by Biblical Israel because she held her own business affairs independent of her husband, King Ahab. It was the prophets of Israel who accused her of misdeeds - with no basis, of course - which led to her death. She was a threat because she was a powerful woman.
sarahj  11/11/2007
According to the televison show, The Naked Archaeologist, Jezebel was an altered name. A letter was added to her name which originally meant "Virgin of Baal". The added letter apparently put a negative spin on the name and changed the meaning to "Whore of Baal".
Little-Beeps  5/28/2007
I've heard before that the name Jezebel can also mean "joy of Ba'al." Jezebel's niece was actually the founder of Carthage (where Hannibal is from). Jezebel wasn't a Persian queen. She was the Caananite wife of an Israeli king named Ahab. Ahab was a weakling. It was Jezebel who ruled Israel. That's what Elijah confronted Ahab on and that's why Jezebel hated Elijah so much.
Atarah Derek  7/12/2007
Alright folks, some of y'all need to know your ancient history before one goes negative on a word or meaning of a name. Look at it from this persepctive. Jezebel firstly does mean "Virgin/Daughter of Ba'al". Jezebel was born a princess and apprentice of the Mother Goddess (who has had many names over the centuries Astarte, Isis, Azna, Sophia, Anahita, Diana, Aphrodite, the list goes on) eventually not only did she become Queen but also a high priestess of the Mother Goddess (this title was generalized as a Fertility God/Goddess, Hence "Mother", one who gives birth). Jezebel was persecuted by Elijah for her religious and spiritual beliefs. In Ancient times "virgin" meant something different than it does today. Virgins then were priestesses of different God's or Goddesses of the day (none were necessarily chaste, this was never enforced, always a personal decision, most Priestesses were Mothers themselves). During Jezebel's time the "One God" (which to me has always been Mother & Father God, just interpreted differently by different cultures and different ideas and understandings, which leads to religous and spiritual intolerance) which was being considered patriarichial in nature only rather than the balance of male & female. It was "Man's" way of controlling the masses of what is right and what is wrong but eventually became about greed and control only. Jezebel was no harlot by any means she was a spiritual woman who believed in the Mother and Father God aspects. She was a patroness of women who has been stamped out by "HIStory" such as Lilith, Eve and Mary Magdalena. Jezebel's crime? Worshipping false idols? One interpretation. Technically She was the High Priestess for our "true" Mother but she maintained the balance by her name, meaning the daughter of our Father (daughter of Ba'al *just another name, no bad or evil god). Jezebel was a casualty of the process of squelching out the belief in the feminine aspect. Therefore, she was written in the bible simply as bad and evil, a harlot. Well that simply was not true. Archaeology has already begun proving some of these aspects as to whom Jezebel was. I have always loved the name, personally. I now have a 6 month old beautiful daughter with that name, slightly different spelling. All my daughters have strong namesakes that were once Queens. I think the true story behind Jezebel is an awesome namesake. A strong woman, princess, Queen, High Priestess who was sacrificed for her religious beliefs. Elijah showed no religious tolerance, understanding or acceptance (he is the evil one). God, be it Mother God or Father God, omnipotent and loving would not have had her destroyed. That is mankinds resolve. I hope this has been helpful and enlightening.
SageSpiritWolf  5/5/2008
People only think "Jezebel" means "Shameless" because of the bible story about Jezebel. It's too bad that bible story has ruined this name for people. I think it sounds beautiful. I believe it would be brave to name your daughter this name. But be prepared for your little girl to be taunted by it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bigots in this world.
Coffeebean  6/5/2008
And her name did not originally mean "not exalted". That's utter nonsense. Even in death, she got another kick in the face. Her original name is a direct link to her prime Phoenician god, Ba'al.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2009
Jezebel is a BEAUTIfUL name and just because of the Bible it doesn't mean all Jezebels are evil- just she was!
jw174094  1/1/2015
The biblical perspective of the name 'Jezebel' is very biased. Jezebel was a strong woman, and the very idea of a strong woman has always been looked down on in most any culture, especially in middle eastern cultures. The biblical account of Jezebel talks only of the negative things about her. If you cast anyone in nothing but a negative light, of course they look evil. There's a book by Leslie Hazelton called "Jezebel, the untold story of the Bibles's harlot queen". I strongly recommend reading that book for some much better insight about Jezebel, and not base assumptions on what I see as a very biased account as seen in the Bible, namely in the Book of Kings. Personally, I think Jezebel got a bum rap. After all, we're all sinners in the eyes of God, we've all done awful things. Who are we to judge her on a lot of one-sided biblical testimony?
jjohn2k  2/2/2015
Jezebel is the English take on the Hebrew name ('Izevel) from which we more correctly derive "Isabel". Thus, the names Isabelle and Jezebel bespeak the same evil queen in the Northern Kingdom of Israel c. 850 BC. She was a sorceress and whore whose name can connote the idea of "unhusbanded one". The "bel" in her name is after the Babylonian god Bel (means "possessor/lord/husband) whose name became Ba'al in the west (Phoenicia/Canaan).
JimsInPhoenix  2/15/2017
I was reading all these comments about the name Jezebel, and I had to jump in because of all the misconstrued comments and ideas that are being posted on here.

1. Jezebel is a name originating from the Bible, so that should be where we get our information from... that time period, that translation of the name, and that connotation.

2. The meaning of the name Jezebel is translated to “The daughter of Baal”. That sounds pretty cool, being named a daughter of a god, no matter what religion you are. But let’s look at who Baal is defined to be. Baal is defined as a DEMON, ranked as the FIRST AND PRINCIPAL KING IN HELL. He has SIXTY-SIX LEGIONS OF DEMONS UNDER HIS COMMAND. He is compared to SATAN, and considered his MAIN ASSISTANT. Followers of Baal SACRIFICED THEIR CHILDREN, the firstborn of the community, to gain personal prosperity. Baal’s MISTRESS was HIS OWN MOTHER. Because his worshippers believed in “sympathetic magic”, the believed they could influence the gods’ actions by performing the SAME SEXUAL RELATIONS they wished of their gods… engaging in IMMORAL sex.

3. She was an evil woman. Not just by biblical standards, but by human morals as well. She manipulated her husband, King Ahab, to do whatever she wanted. Consider the fact that King Ahab was originally of the Hebrew faith, and then after his marriage to Jezebel, turned to worshiping Baal. She also was manipulative in her personal affairs. In 1 Kings 21:5-16, King Ahab wanted a vineyard that was owned by someone else. Queen Jezebel took it upon herself to FORGE documents with the King’s signature (21:8-9) and send them to the leaders of the city, saying to have the vineyard owner FALSELY charged with blaspheme and sentenced to death (21:10).

I think before you start making comments, you need to do your research first. Jezebel is a name that represents evil, and I think it AWFUL to name a new born child after such an EVIL individual. She may have been powerful and persuasive, but don’t forget that ADOLF HITLER was also a powerful and persuasive person. Children try to live up to their name. Do you really want your little girl to try and live up to the name Jezebel?
― Anonymous User  10/18/2017

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