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The name Jing, for me, means shy, humble, down to earth, caring, understanding, and most of all lovable.
-- jazzmine21  1/6/2005
The capital of China, Beijing means 'a North Capital'.
-- Anonymous User  11/16/2005
That's part of my name. I love it. It means peace.
-- Jingyi  10/15/2006
Jing-mei is a character from The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.
-- moonbaby9307  9/20/2008
In Chinese, different characters or 字,can sound the same but with different meaning altogether. So Jing can have 3 different sounds depending on the tone. It can be jīng,jǐng and jìng,but never jíng because no such Chinese character exist. It is pronounced as dz(j)ee-ng depending on the tone. It can be of any character, such as 静(silence), 京(the capital), 净(clean), 晶(crystal) etc. For me my given name is 璟,which means the luster of jade.
-- Etain18  12/28/2010
Xu Jing is a Chinese female archer. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed for her country in the Women's team event, and in 2014 became the world number one ranked archer.
-- lilolaf  2/8/2017

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